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PASO ITC4000: Your safety in a small intercom system for counters

PASO ITC4000: Your safety in a small intercom system for counters

PASO presents ITC4000 booth intercom system, the new proposal of the Italian company to allow easy communication between rooms divided by glass or walls and in all structures where, for safety or hygiene reasons, it is necessary to maintain a separation between two speaking people (ticket offices, bank counters, guard rooms, receptions, etc.).

The microprocessor operation provides a high level of quality and flexibility of performance. This system differs from other systems on the market thanks to its hands-free “HALF-DUPLEX TALK & LISTEN” operating mode, managed by a special algorithm entered in the microprocessor that allows for excellent switching speed between operator and public channels, preventing bothersome interruptions in communication or unwanted feedback (Larsen effect) whilst allowing the speakers to maintain a more natural conversation. 

The operator’s station has a solid and sturdy ABS structure at its core, which is carefully designed and small in size (less than half of an A4 sheet of paper, a feature that allows it to easily fit at workstations equipped with other electronic devices such as PCs, video terminals etc. without being cumbersome). It is equipped with a 35cm-long flexible gooseneck dynamic microphone and an ON/OFF status LED.

The length of the stem and the excellent level of sensitivity of the microphone capsule, allow for conversations with a natural tone and volume of voice, even from a slightly further distance: a crucial feature in applications where the operator must be able to move around freely to perform till transactions or input data on the video terminal. The station is completed by an integrated loudspeaker for listening and ON/OFF and/or volume level adjustment buttons on both the operator side and the public side. In addition to the “HALF-DUPLEX TALK & LISTEN” function, the intercom station also has a STANDBY function that allows the station to be deactivated after a certain period of inactivity, with the option of reactivating it automatically or manually. On the back of the operator station, it is possible to connect power supply, microphone and loudspeaker on the public side. Also on the back are available the configuration adjustment controls relating to the “HALF-DUPLEX” function.

For the listening function on the public side, the ITC4000 system is completed by the aluminium C401-B loudspeaker, which is extremely robust and even suitable for anti-vandal applications (railway and underground stations, night pharmacies).

The PASO ITC4000 intercom system consists of:

• Microphone unit, equipped with dynamic microphone on a flexible.
• External 230 Vac/12 Vdc 500mA power supply.
• Electret wall microphone, equipped with 3m-long shielded cable and designed to be installed on the glass of the booth thanks its double-sided anti-vibration adhesive layer.
• Screw terminals for power, microphone and loudspeaker connections on the public side.

By the Editorial Staff

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