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Paso: Made in Italy as added value

Paso: Made in Italy as added value

Paso, Italian leading company on the emergency broadcasting, voice evacuation and congress system markets, boasts a long history. S News meets Antonio Faccioni, Paso S.p.A C.E.O.

Moments like those we recently experienced and we are still partially experiencing, lead us to think deeply about times we are living in. History has always been a good teacher of life. The question is how history can help us today and how history will help us tomorrow.
Paso saw its debut starting from the legacy of one of the largest Italian manufacturing companies, Geloso, nowadays still remembered as one of the greatest historical Italian brands, known not only for the excellence of its products but also for the kind of technical support provided to the end-user,  and the customer.
Geloso history is melting with Paso one, but certainly, the aspects that most unify both brands are the high-Quality concept standard, the Service to customers lasting over times, the staff safety and continuous training; all aspects and elements which “Italian production” masters. Actually the concept of 'Made in Italy' means a real added value for who observes us from abroad. ‘Made in Italy’ defines us qualitatively worldwide not only as producers but as “Persons”: Italians have a positive spirit, creativity, flexibility and resilience. A recent and strong demonstration of all this is what happened the last months when many Italian manufacturers did switch rapidly their production plants adapting them to serve the community.

Moving on with our interview to Paso new systems solutions: what differentiates Paso today? And which new products-projects are you referring to?
Paso's mission has always been to provide solutions with particular attention paid to customer needs, making flexibility one of the key points of our company. With this in mind, we are focusing on the development of further products in the field of vocal evacuation. But not only Vocal field as we are developing new amplifiers built using the modern GaN technology (gallium nitride or gallium nitride), which allows obtaining high performance in terms of efficiency and space-saving. The main innovation related to the use of this technology, at the forefront of PA audio applications, is the extreme speed and the ability to work with high voltages. Furthermore, we are also coming out shortly with new proposals for the management of audio communication in structures where, for safety or hygiene reasons, the distancing between users and operators is necessary. This satisfies a slice of the market that is growing the present period during which in many situations the structures had to be revised to allow an opening to the public for the usability of a service, inserting plexiglass separation barriers making it is necessary to manage the audio communication over the counter, without any contact.

Paso has long focused on training. What is the real added value it represents?
Yes. We're convinced that training is very important and we have organized many training meetings within the domestic market, in collaboration with industry associations, addressed to installers and designers, and mainly focused on updating the current safety regulations and setting criteria of an effective and compliant voice evacuation system. In parallel, together with Assosicurezza, Inim and Elan, we are also carrying the Focus Tour around Italy, which you at S News magazine know well, being its Media Partner!

It is a series of seminars rich in valuable contents, in the field of Fire and EVAC. Clearly, given the situation we are experiencing, all these events except the first one, are now taking place strictly online, using dedicated webinar platforms that allow the simultaneous and interactive connection of many users. Wanting to see a half-full glass, this emergency provided us with the opportunity to experiment communication methods that we may decide to use in the future. At a purely corporate level, training is also addressed to our customers, both in Italy and abroad. At the beginning of the year, to give an example, after the conclusion of the Dubai fair in January: our export managers held three technical seminars on EVAC products c/o our partners in Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates premises.

Made in Italy is your distinctive feature, and it is at the forefront of all the most representative international exhibitions. What are your sentiments on the foreign market, today and in the short-medium term, and which are your sentiments on the domestic market?
Yes, as I said earlier, 'Made in Italy' is for sure one of our strengths and we're happy to be able to 'export' it during international fairs, which in recent years have become more than ever an event not to be missed. Over the years we have noticed that the interest of foreigners in our products is always very high, which gives us not only satisfaction but also a push to invest in new future events, in countries other than the usual where we have been exhibiting for years, which to be honest was already planned for this year. We can say that we project ourselves with confidence towards 2021!

As far as the internal market is concerned, the primary objective is always to provide our customers with the quality and assistance standard to which they are accustomed and to try to maximize the company's potential to provide an even better service.

by Monica Bertolo

Paso Il Team in Azienda

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