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PASO Voice Alarm Solutions at Tipasa and at Abou Bakr Essedik mosque

PASO Voice Alarm Solutions at Tipasa and at Abou Bakr Essedik mosque

PASO, the Italian brand synonymous of reliability and quality, has landed just one year ago in Algeria market and today can with utter pride add to its worldwide references two important installations in that North Africa market: the Attraction Park of Tipasa & the ABOU BAKR ESSEDIK mosque.


The attraction Park of Tipasa
Tipasa is an UNESCO WORLD site heritage where Paso Voice Alarm solutions are there to secure the safety voice evacuation of visitors according to EN54 voice alarm systems standards.
Paso brand besides, having links to history in general because of its historical electronic engineering and industrial roots from the of 19th century, is now taking some steps in Classical antiquity Historical Era thanks to this attraction Park, inaugurated recently, in Tipasa.

Tipasa is an Algerian city noted for being founded by Phoenician and for being known as a real commercial and military Municipium under the Roman Emperor Claudio Era.
In 1982 Tipasa has been listed within the human heritage. Later on, exactly in 2002, UNESCO did declare TIPASA a “World Heritage Site”.

The Algerian System Integrator Cortel Snc did contact Paso team, at the early stage of this park construction work, asking for the needed Voice Alarm and Public Address systems design.
Mr. Zohir Cortel, company owner, confirms to have always had great respect towards PASO brand, to relay strongly in Paso high quality standards and in its products, designed, engineered and produced in house, in Italy, according to the latest industrial technologies.

PASO Voice Alarm Solutions_Tipazia Parc (Algeria)

ABOU BAKR ESSEDIK mosque inaugurated during the Holy month of Ramadan of 2019 in Alger, is having on display a fully system PA/VA designed by PASO engineering team and installed by Cortel company, Paso partner for Algerian Market.
Mr Zohir has been sharing constantly with PASO team the state of the art while PA/VA ABOU BAKR ESSEDIK systems installation and setup were going on.
Zohir, recognizes PASO Team exemplary historic professionalism which characterizes the quality of the support delivered to customers/partners and to the market: careful listening topped by designing dedicated solutions in accordance with standards in force.

Some “AT WORK” photos are showing “CORTEL staff” following always and undoubtedly PASO PAW family.

PASO Voice Alarm Solutions_Abou Bakr Essedik mosque (Algeria)

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