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PriVendo : Marketing and Security in one single product

PriVendo : Marketing and Security in one single product

The new marketing software PriVendo made by ViDiCore GmbH is an effective tool to analyze customer behavior, improve safety and therefore help retail store owners to optimize their business.

Using PriVendo, the number of customers in different areas at different times can be identified. It is also detected how long customers dwell in store, in a specific department or in front of a specific product. Furthermore, it can differentiate between interest and engagement in products.
The user has the option to define by himself what interest and engagement means.
For example 5-8 seconds in front of a product implies, the customer is interested, and more than 8 seconds implies, the customer is even engaged in a product. The collected data can be shown in real time through different formats like diagrams, graphs or tables.
Moreover, heat maps and hot spots show at a glance which parts of a store are most frequented and mostly ignored by customers. Apart from analyzing data of one store it is also possible to compare different branches with each other. Based on the results store managers can implement optimization measurements immediately. For example staff planning can be improved and queues can be managed by matching numbers of customers with numbers of staff and open cash points. Furthermore, the store layout and the placement of products can be changed to improve walking routes of customers, marketing campaigns can be evaluated which helps to plan future marketing activities, and shop windows can be designed. Thus, the return on investment is improved significantly just within two weeks.
PriVendo can easily be integrated into existing security systems. Therefore, PriVendo visual sensors are used for marketing as well as security purposes. Then, PriVendo does not only analyze customer behavior but also streams video to detect burglary, shoplifting or vandalism. 
PriVendo software applies to many different vertical markets, not only retail. It can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Application areas aren´t limited.  Application areas aren´t limited. The software can be used where ever people counting or dwell time analytics is needed. For example counting people at train stations, airports, public places or in busses as well as to analyzing how people react to Billboards on streets that is already a running project  with PriVendo.

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