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SECON 2022: Analysis of 2022 purchase demand for Public Video Surveillance

SECON & eGISEC 2022, International Security Exhibition & Conference, Member of the Global  Ifsec  Group, will be held from the 20th till the 22nd April at Hall 3 – 5, KINTEX, Korea.

“At the end of each year – they say from Secon – the industry pays attention to the Public Software (SW), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment, and Information Protection demand forecasts announced by the Ministry of Science and ICT to get an understanding of public sector market trends in order to formulate business plans. Accordingly, SECON Secretariat, in cooperation with Boan News, investigated this year’s public information protection product and service purchase budget, biometric/access security equipment, and video security demand, which are continuously prominent topics in the security industry.

According to the results of the ICT equipment demand forecast announced at the “2022 SW, ICT equipment and information protection demand forecast online briefing”, in the demand for ICT equipment, which accounts for most of the demand for physical security, security equipment accounted for 45.9% (about $52.4 million) of network equipment worth $114.2 million.

Among the top institutions expected to place orders for network equipment, the Ministry of National Defense had the highest with $7 million (purchase of network security equipment), Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) $6.4 million (replacement/purchase of routers), Korea Expressway Corporation $5 million (replacement of old equipment, expansion of integrated infrastructure), and the Supreme Court $4.4 million (replacement of old computer/security equipment). Looking at the top institutions that are scheduled to order broadcasting equipment, Jeju Province has budgeted $2 million for CCTV purchases. Next largest was Cheonan City in Chungcheongnam-do Province (CCTV purchase, $1.4 million), followed by Geoje City in Gyeongsangnam-do Province (CCTV purchase/replacement, $0.9 million), Korea South-East Power Shinyoungheung Thermal Power Construction Headquarters (CCTV facility improvement $0.8 million), and Icheon City in Gyeonggi-do Province (CCTV purchase/replacement, $0.8 million) in order.

As a result of data analysis by, demand in the field of video surveillance for ICT equipment and software purchase and construction was found to be about $72 million. This includes demand for CCTV and switches, storage, backup, servers, and other networks and infrastructure. Looking at the top institutions scheduled to place orders, Korea Land and Housing Corporation, which budgeted for network equipment construction, storage, server, and NAS expansion, was the most at $4.2 million. KEPCO has set a budget of $4 million to replace aging infrastructure, improve infrastructure performance, expand big data platforms, upgrade video platforms, and replace aging storage. Korea Expressway Corporation plans to invest $2.4 million in CCTV video server, switch, and storage.

Cheonan City in Chungcheongnam-do Province set aside $2.1 million for new installation of crime prevention CCTV, replacement of security CCTV camera, new installation of number recognition CCTV, replacement of number recognition CCTV camera, installation of child safety CCTV, maintenance of crime prevention CCTV, and replacement of network switch. Jeju Province plans to spend $2.1 million on the installation of CCTVs in blind spots for living safety and replacement of network equipment and backup devices, and Gyeonggi- do Province plans to spend $1.9 million on CCTVs, servers, switches, and storage. Seongnam-City in Gyeonggi-do Province, plans to spend $1.8 million on CCTV integrated maintenance, switches, and backup systems.

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