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SECUREX Poland postponed to April 2022

SECUREX Poland postponed to April 2022

SECUREX Poland, the International Security Fair to take place in Poznań, has been rescheduled for April 25th-27th 2022.

“The need for live meetings – they say from SECUREX – is visible in every conversation, so we wanted to organise the next meeting of our industry as soon as possible. Last year, the decision to open the fair industry was made at the beginning of June, and we hope it will be the same this year. From June to mid-October 2020, as Grupa MTP, we organised a number of events in the full sanitary regime and gained invaluable experience in how to safely organise events for the general public. MTP Poznan Expo is in full readiness and is only waiting for the green light from the government to officially announce the unfreezing of the exhibition industry.

“At the same time – they add – we listen very carefully to your voices resulting from the specificity of the security industry. In cooperation with industry organisations and our partners, we have developed a solution that we hope will satisfy the current needs of each party.
Substantive issues related to legal regulations in crisis management or the protection of persons and property are in the foreground. We plan to discuss these and many other topics during the SECUREX InTouch Meeting, a nationwide conference that will be held from 29 to 30 September 2021. The conference will be an opportunity to summarise the situation in the industry, exchange of knowledge and meet with practitioners. On the other hand, the SECUREX International Security Fair will return to its fixed date and will be held from 25 to 27 April 2022.

We trust that the proposed solution will be the best for this year and will allow to reconcile the expectations of as many parties as possible. If you think that the conference programme should include additional issues not mentioned above, we encourage you to share your suggestions. If you have any additional questions, the whole SECUREX team is at your disposal”, they conclude.

by the Editorial Staff 

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