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Security Essen 2024: civil protection and civil defence new focus

Security Essen civil protection for 2024

While the 2022’s edition is still ongoing, Messe Essen is already launching topics and new focus for Security Essen 2024, that will take place from 17th to 20th September 2024.

The exhibition is, in fact, expanding its range of products and services, and on the 21st September it was announced that the topics of civil protection and civil defence will be added as a new focus from 2024.

The background to this is the current situation in politics, the environment and society and the resulting necessities.

“At Security Essen – says Oliver P. Kuhrt, CEO of Messe Essen – we not only depict the latest developments, but also integrate upcoming significant concerns of society with foresight. The topics of civil protection and civil defence are becoming increasingly important and it is no longer possible to imagine a security fair without them. Therefore, with the next Security Essen 2024, we will offer all players their own platform as well as a network for exchange, information and procurement.”

The Alliance for Security in Business (ASW, Allianz für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft), is particularly active in the field of this prevention. ASW West Managing Director Dr. Christian Endreß has analysed a wide variety of scenarios over the years, which have now become reality: “A flood of the century, a pandemic, a war in Europe, impending energy shortages and cyber attacks on critical infrastructures: what was unthinkable until recently has now come to pass. Here, it is important to protect the population with foresight“, he adds. Possibilities for this are already available on the market. One example, according to Endreß, is SMS warnings to people in disaster areas.

“Security Essen – the organizers say – will bring together this know-how of technological innovations and organisational solutions at Messe Essen”. Companies, political players and those responsible for civil defence can exchange ideas in the newly created theme area ‘Civil Protection and Civil Defence’. The strategic planning for the implementation, which will now be realised for the first time at Security Essen 2024 with its own exhibition hall, has already been underway for some time. Support comes not only from associations such as ASW but also from politics. NRW’s Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul says: “We welcome the initiative of Messe Essen to show the topic of ‘Civil Protection and Civil Defence’ as a separate focal point at Security Essen in future”.

Picture by Security Essen – Messe Essen

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