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Sicur and the Security Market in Spain

Sicur, Spain’s leading international security event, brings together public and private security companies, associations, professionals in Madrid, every two years.

Sicur 2022 will be held from February 22nd to 25th at Ifema Madrid.

Innovation and technological development are the main focus of this professional meeting that addresses comprehensive security from five major areas security, cybersecurity, fire and emergency security and workplace safety, with the aim of improving wellbeing and social development.


“According to experts – they say from Sicur – alarm receiving centres and artificial intelligence video applications will be two of the main market niches in the security sector in 2022. They also highlight integrated electronic security and comprehensive training as key features for this year. Paloma Velasco, Executive Director of the Spanish Association of Security Companies (AES) says that there will basically be two growth market niches in 2022: connections to centralised alarm monitoring stations and AI for video surveillance”.

“Connections to centralised alarm monitoring stations – they explain from Sicur – are growing exponentially every year”. “In fact – Velasco says – in the last five, according to figures from the Police Central Private Security Unit, they’ve risen from 1.64 million in 2016 to 2.54 million in 2020. This segment also presents new business opportunities since the publication of the Fire Protection Installations and Fire Alarm Connections regulations.On the other hand, alarm receiving centres are a very important agent for private security in Spain. During the pandemic, ARCs were found to be fit for purpose. The operators have had to work in challenging circumstances, and their professionalism has helped ensure business continuity. So, they’ll become an important asset in 2022 because they’ve earned the society’s trust.Regarding AI for video surveillance – the AES CEO adds – this segment has had a tremendous boost during the pandemic. On the one hand, because of all the solutions for people counting, capacity control, automated distancing management, people identification, temperature and symptoms checks, and the like. And on the other hand, local councils are working on becoming smart cities, and that’s where products for things like traffic management, parking control, automatic bollards and beaconing systems, low-emission areas, come in”, Velasco ends.

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