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Sicurezza 2014 : Italian reference event

Sicurezza 2014 : Italian reference event

Cover story of June – July S News issue, Monica Bertolo's interview to Giuseppe Garri, Exhibition Manager Fiera Sicurezza, Fiera Milano.

Mr. Garri, Sicurezza is seeing growth this year, which your data clearly shows…
Now that I’ve got some numbers in hand, I feel I can say that the 2014 edition confirms that SICUREZZA is, as of now, the only true landmark event for the industry in Italy. Five months from the show, registration is up 35% compared to the same pre-show period in 2012. We are sure this growth trend will continue on in a positive way up to the time of the show. We can especially attribute this to the large number of companies that have returned and put their confidence in us or that have chosen SICUREZZA for the first time. In this current economic situation, being able to say that 27% of the exhibitors are “new” companies is a strong sign of credibility, further backed up by the information we have on those that have reconfirmed, which testifies to continuous, great loyalty.

So, what is new for the 2014 edition?
There are many new product innovations and previews. The CCTV offering is very strong along with access-control systems, but compared with the past, offerings for fire prevention systems, anti-intrusion systems, passive defence systems and home and building automation solutions are really seeing growth.
In terms of the content of the show, we have renewed our collaborations with all of the associations and main publishers in the Italian industry. Thanks to the contribution of the entire industry, we can offer updates on the market, laws and new technologies as well as true “live demonstrations.” There are various themes that will be taken on, including “original” ideas like the one S News gave us – today speaking about business networks means pushing the market to come up with new synergies and contributing to the realisation of concrete business integration opportunities.
And when it comes to services, there is a lot new. For the first time, you can buy the ticket online. Visitors will not only save 50% but they will be able to enter the show using the turnstiles and presenting the printout of the PDF they’ve received via email or on their smartphone.
As for exhibitors, let me tell you about the two most innovative new services. There’s E-Contact mobile, the new entrance tracking system that will allow for registering and profiling the visitors that pass through the stand. This can be done simply with an App on your smartphone. Then there’s the EMP (Expo Matching Program) created by Fiera Milano, which offers exhibitors the chance to see the profiles of the top buyers at the show right from their PCs. They can set appointments at the show with those that interest them the most. So, it’s a period in which optimising time and costs is fundamental, and Fiera Milano is investing in technologies and services that are ever more advanced.

In terms of visitors, what strategies is Sicurezza pursuing to have good results on both the national and international front?
The visitor promotion campaign has been going on for months. We’ve tripled the advertising and direct marketing investment with the objective of getting the word out to all of our target markets. But informing them is only the first step. To make visiting the show more convenient, we have been working with our official travel agency, Trenitalia and some air carriers to come up with competitive “trip + hotel” packages for those that come from abroad and from visitors from southern Italy. It is important for buyers that come from abroad to be here. And we are investing heavily in this direction considering that we are inviting 100 highly qualified top buyers to Milan. But it is also important that professionals from the southern Italy come to Milan as well.

Looking at the security market situation, it seems to be holding steady compared to some other markets, according to ANIE Confindustria data. Is this merely a particularly favourable circumstance in the market now?
While the crisis has influenced us, it has had less of an impact on this market, especially due to the increasing growth in demand in the residential and retail sectors because of an increase in crime. But I must also add that there’s a higher level of innovation, reliability and attention to design seen in the “Made in Italy” product, a real value-add that has helped the market hold firm.
I also think it’s important in order to pursue long-term objectives to form networks among the main Italian industry associations. This choice allows them to work together, but it also makes them stronger with the institutions. A concrete show of this unity throughout the industry will happen during SICUREZZA. And that’s not all. For the first time, ANIE Sicurezza, ASSOSICUREZZA, AIPS, ASSISTAL, ASSIV and ASSOTEL will all promote the opening conference, and they will also be on display in a common shared space, which will send a concrete message of strength and cohesiveness to all of the industry professionals in attendance.

by Monica Bertolo

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