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Sicurezza 2019: Facts and Figures

Sicurezza 2019: Facts and Figures

Sicurezza 2019 and Smart Building Expo held at Fiera Milano from 13 to 15 November, “closed with 28,629 professional visitors – they say from Fiera Milano – with +12% on the previous edition, with international attendance from 88 countries, among which the ten most represented were Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Croatia. An increase that proves how Sicurezza is now recognized as a reference hub for professionals from all over Europe and the Mediterranean area”.

619 exhibitors – they add – 33% more compared to the last edition: 30% from 37 foreign countries, presented product innovation and numerous previews to attentive and motivated professionals”.

Integration, digitalization, smart solutions confirmed to be the drivers of the exhibition proposals.

Security sees increasingly digital, wireless (so easy to install) and customized solutions for all areas of application – from home to city, up to industry, transport and entertainment – and expression of the most advanced technological research: biometrics, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, IoT are now widespread in all areas, from building automation to video surveillance, up to the world of access control.

As for building automation, the integration process and the potential of 5G have represented the topic linking the offering. Close cooperation between all technologies has eliminated the barriers between verticalizations. Building installations, building automation, audio-video systems, energy savings, digital platforms and telecommunications already work in synergy as parts of a single and dynamic system, based on intelligent management and the use of big data.

More than 100 conferences and meetings – many of which enabled operators to obtain training credits for various professional figures (industrial experts, engineers, installers, security operators) – focused on the value of human resources and the central role of continuous training. The most topical issues for all sectors tackled by international experts, associations and academic institutions, with content that was highly appreciated at a time when the market is experiencing a real revolution. S News held several talk shows and workshops on his TV set together with a lot of TV Interviews that will be published in the coming days.

There was also great interest for the Cyber Arena, the new exhibition, training and information area dedicated to the theme of cybersecurity and designed to help companies best manage IT threats.

The next edition of Sicurezza will be held in 2021.

by the Editorial Staff

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