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Smart Home and City Indonesia 2023 and the Indonesian Market

Smart Home and City Indonesia 2023 Indonesian Market

Smart Home + City Indonesia 2023 will be held from 2nd to 4th March at JIExpo in Jakarta. The event will be co-located with Smart IoT Indonesia 2023Smart Energy Indonesia 2023, Solartech Indonesia 2023 and INALIGHT 2023.

“Exhibitors will present a full spectrum of products, technologies and innovations – the organizers say – in home and building security systemsIoT, big data, cloud systems, video analyticsvideo surveillance, smart office, smart home & city, lighting, smart energy and more”.

200 Exhibiting Companies will be present and 15.000 Trade & Professional Visitors are expected in an area of 15.000 sqm.

Smart Home and Smart City: a new concept

In making living environment to be more efficient and effective, Indonesia government has initiated planning to establish a new concept of Smart Home and Smart City. The plans focus on improving many aspects of life: a smart city concept that has the ability to manage human resources, technology, processes and data.

The pillars to build a smart city are:

  • smart governance
  • smart living
  • smart environment
  • smart branding
  • smart society
  • smart economy.

Some of the programs are creating a better liveable city planning and development in the future, increasing regional productivity or economic competitiveness, making the economic system more efficient and integrated, creating houses and buildings that are environmentally friendly and use renewable energy sources, and improving the welfare of the people in the region.

The Indonesian Market

“Indonesia as the largest archipelago in the world – they say from Smart Home + City Indonesia – is the 4th rank as most populous nation in the world with over than 270 million people and becomes the 10th largest economy in terms of purchasing power stability. McKinsey predicted that Indonesia will become the 7th largest economy in the world alongside productivity within sectors and urbanization by 2030.
Planning for Indonesia’s new capital city is expected to promote a more sustainable way of doing business, with plans to create a low-carbon center of government that fully leverages technological advances for greener, more efficient and digitally advanced capital. This provides unlimited opportunities for stakeholders to engage in the country’s long-term smart city planning, expanding on the Smart City Movement and bringing Indonesia one step closer to its goal of developing “100 Smart Cities” by 2045”.

The Movement Towards 100 Smart Cities consists of supporting components, namely smart government, smart development planning, smart green open space, smart transportation, smart waste management, smart water management, smart building, and smart energy.

This concept will create people’s quality of life that continues to increase, houses and buildings that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly buildings and use renewable energy sources.

“According to Statistica, revenue in the Smart Home market is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 13.30%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$207.80bn by 2026”, they end.

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