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Smart Home + City, IoT, Battery and Energy Storage Indonesia 2023

Smart Home and City Indonesia 2023 Indonesian Market

The events Smart Home + City Indonesia, Smart IoT Indonesia, Smart Energy Indonesia, and Battery & Energy Storage Indonesia will be held from 2nd to 4th March 2023 at JIExpo in Jakarta, as co-located exhibitions that will welcome exhibitors, experts, and decision makers from many sectors.

Smart Home + City Indonesia

Smart Home + City Indonesia will be held against a backdrop of Smart city plannings initiated by the Indonesian government, aimed at improving many aspects of life: creating a better liveable city planning, increasing regional productivity or economic competitiveness, making the economic system more efficient and integrated, creating houses and buildings that are environmentally friendly and use renewable energy sources, and improving the welfare of the people in the region. Exhibitors will present a full spectrum of products, technologies and innovations in home and building security systems, IoT, big data, cloud systems, video analytics, video surveillance, smart office, smart home and city, lighting, smart energy, and more.

Smart IoT Indonesia

Solutions and innovations related to the Internet of Things will be presented at Smart IoT Indonesia, a show that offers an opportunity to engage with senior decision makers from OCT Industries, manufacturers, government, enterprises, public sectors, and service providers, including system integrators, developers and consultants.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, IoT has brought many positive changes in Indonesian business world, and has also begun to be widely used for smart cities, smart public transportation systems, digital payments, logistics, and more: in 2022, Indonesia’s IoT market reached US$26 billion and it is expected to reach US$40 billion in 2025. Up until 2025, IoT is expected to develop in the health, food and beverage, agriculture and plantations, mining and petroleum sectors, as the Internet of Things can provide data that enables sophisticated tools to visualize, explore, and build sophisticated analysis, helping smart cities in monitoring and managing the existence of the surrounding environment in real-time, such as monitoring traffic, flooding, sea conditions, and checking the condition of water discharge in reservoirs.

Battery & Energy Storage Indonesia

Battery & Energy Storage Indonesia, which represents “one of ASEAN’s most prospective one-stop platform for the rechargeable battery and energy storage industry” as highlighted by the organizers, is looking forward to welcoming over 200 exhibiting companies and 15,000 trade visitors.

Indonesia is known as the world’s largest producer of nickel and also has large reserves of cobalt. Nickel and cobalt components account of 90% of total battery components.

The exhibition will welcome battery industry players and raw material suppliers, and will view all aspects of battery from economy value chain, starting form the production through materials, manufacturing, use, safety management, applications, market trends, R&D, second life and recycle of the products, and regulations, presenting the latest innovations.

Smart Energy Indonesia

Smart Energy Indonesia will feature innovative solutions and foresight from the experts of the industry, with the aim of achieving a smooth transition to zero emission energy supply, showcasing the renewable energy sector with cutting-edge technologies and products related to the smart grid & power generation.

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