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Socomec and the bet on the photovoltaic energy

Socomec and the bet on the photovoltaic energy

Roberto Carmignato, Solar Power Business Application Director Socomec, describes how: “Socomec set up the new Solar Power Department in 2010. Solar power represents a new market, born at the beginning of the 2000 and developed in  Europe between 2009-2010. Socomec aims at this sector, betting on a medium/long-term challenging. Furthermore,  in the history of Socomec’s know-how, these elements were anticipated as, for example, the power conversion, the power storage, a field where Socomec gained a ten-year experience. And this choice – remembers Carmignato –was not supported only by the feed-in tariff politics, but especially by Socomec’s strong will of mastering this technology ”.

by Monica Bertolo

Here below the full interview with Roberto Carmignato.

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