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Sunell, Ann Wu: the company strategy and the role in the market


Sunell is among the leading Companies to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) into cost effective real applications in mass volumn.
S News meets Ann Wu, CEO Sunell Technology Corporation

Which is Sunell history and why was it founded?
Sunell was founded 1997 and this year is our 22nd anniversary. My husband joined a CCTV company as sales representative in 1994 and was promoted quickly to sales manager, then General manager in 3 years time. In 1997 he started Sunell after accumulated some experience and asked me to help him. I quitted my job and joined him to run the business .

Talking about Sunell latest technologies, which is their added value?
Everyone talks about AI but Sunell is among the leading Companies to adopt AI into cost effective real applications in mass volumn. It is not only just for monitoring as we used to do but to help management to increase efficiency and make decisions.
Thanks to thermal technology we can see in completely darkness with no escape and with temperature detection we help enterprises and industries to avoid potential fire risks far ahead.

Which is the company strategy and which is the role Sunell wants to have on the global market?
Sunell’s strategy is simple and clear: focus on video (CCTV); make cost effective products and solutions to be good in quality and affordable; Sunell is product and solution oriented and always invest heavily in R&D (10% revenue per year); work with partners and never sell direct.

And what about Italy? How important is the Italian market on your global vision and plans?
Italy is among the most important brand markets. We are extremely confident to have premium partners with vision insights and strong national footprint. Our plan is to work with exclusive distributors and only sell to distributors, helping them and their customers to grow business.

Which is the highest priority in your corporate philosophy towards Distributors?
Respect business rules and keep commitment, never desperate for quick short term money, take good care of customers and grow together and take good care of employees and make them happy so they can make customers happy and the whole community can work and live better.

by Monica Bertolo

In the coming TV interview, Monica Bertolo, Editor in Chief for S News, meets Ann Wu during the boat trip on the Como Lake in Italy at the Sunell Italy Convention 2019.

Enjoy it!

by the Editorial Staff

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