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Tyco Kantech EntraPass enhances intrusion support, mobile and cybersecurity

Tyco Kantech EntraPass enhances intrusion support

Johnson Controls presents EntraPass version 8.30, the latest version of the Tyco Kantech EntraPass security management software. It contains additional support for Tyco DSC PowerSeries intrusion alarm panels, also featuring a fully functional virtual keypad, enhanced support for EntraPass web macOS functionality, cybersecurity updates and other optimisations for a more streamlined user experience.

For a more seamless combination of access control and intrusion, additional support for the Tyco DSC PowerSeries alarm panel family includes a fully functional virtual keypad, with the same functions, navigations and emergency keys as the physical DSC intrusion alarm panels. This enables system operators to perform intrusion functions remotely from an EntraPass workstation, such as the arming/disarming of intrusion panels or acknowledging/cancelling alarms without needing to be physically present at the keypad’s location.

Users who prefer mobile access to their EntraPass software can now view real-time or recorded video from Tyco Exacq and Tyco American Dynamics VideoEdge NVRs as part of new features in EntraPass web macOS v1.10.  Other enhancements include creating, customising and exporting reports to PDF, the ability to take users’ pictures and print cardholder badges on site and in real time.

As part of ongoing efforts to improve cybersecurity, the following enhancements were added to EntraPass software:
• EntraPass workstation reports are now stored in the Windows user’s document folder
• Updated operator roles and password requirements
• Microsoft certificate validation that the EntraPass application has not been tampered with.

by the Editorial Staff

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