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ULISSE MAXI PTZ camera : the non-stop monitoring of outdoor large areas

ULISSE MAXI PTZ camera : the non-stop monitoring of outdoor large areas

Videotec will unveil the preview of the new ULISSE MAXI PTZ at Security Essen. It is now available with LED illuminators to ensure superior quality images even during nighttime, with infrared or white light.

ULISSE MAXI is a robust and efficient unit of Pan/Tilt/Zoom, designed for dynamic and continuous surveillance of large areas with significant distances, in outdoor environments.

This reliable and powerful positioning system allows to manage the largest motorized zoom lenses in the market, up to nearly 8 kilos of total weight, with enhanced resistance to vibrations. A single unit can ensure the broadest area coverage.

The illuminators are mounted in the lateral brackets and follow the Pan/Tilt movements to light up the scene steadily and evenly and providing excellent images in low light conditions. This avoids the need for multiple lighting points, simplifying the installation.

The robust mechanical construction and the powerful motors of ULISSE MAXI are designed to provide maximum resistance to enhanced operating stress, vibrations and temperatures up to 60°C. The IP66 protection rating guarantees total resistance to the most severe weather conditions.

ULISSE MAXI is equipped with optical encoders, for absolute positioning feedback in any operating condition. The unit is equipped with a wiper to clean the front glass from rain and dust. No further maintenance is required after installation.

The IP-based versions allow the integration of the ULISSE MAXI in a network system with full control via IP of the PTZ functions and the full management of IP cameras.

ULISSE MAXI is the ideal solution for demanding day and night security applications, such as coastal and port monitoring, military installations, borders and perimeter surveillance.

by the Editorial Staff

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