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US Pavilion staff at EXPO Milan 2015 to communicate efficiently and safely

US Pavilion staff at EXPO Milan 2015 to communicate efficiently and safely

Milan Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), technological sponsor of the US Pavilion at EXPO 2015, supplied its cutting-edge digital mobile two-ways radio system for the internal and external communications of the pavilion. Communications are a key factor for the safety and the punctual execution of the activities and those special events that take place in the US Pavilion.

The MOTOTRBO™ digital mobile radio system is composed of a repeater station installed in the pavilion that extends the signal coverage to all EXPO area and by 60 MOTOTRBO DMR digital portable radios – thirty SL1600 and thirty CP1400.
Sasha Machiedo, director of the US Pavilion at EXPO 2015, commented: “Motorola Solutions, our technological partner, has made available its expertise and cutting-edge technological solutions to assure us secure communications for a reliable event management and the protection of all visitors to our pavilion.”

Luciano Valentini, CEO of Motorola Solutions Italy, said “The digital communication system provided to the US Pavilion by Motorola Solutions allows to clearly and effectively communicate across all levels of the pavilion and through the entire EXPO area. Motorola's radios ensure all the operational efficiency that the staff of the US Pavilion requires as they make an intensive use of two-way radios that exceed 15 hours a day.”

The two way radios are available to the staff responsible for the security (visible and undercover), the logistics (that communicate also with the underground warehouse) and the food&beverage for the Food Truck Nation, an area located 200mt from the pavilion.
Motorola Solutions’ radios have been provided under a free loan for a period of six months.

Additional information:
• MOTOTRBO radios offer advanced features such as integrated data applications and guarantee an exceptional voice quality. These radios are slim, lightweight, easy to use and, at the same time, reliable and extremely robust. 
• The mobile radio system is redundant, therefore always and everywhere usable in case of disruptions, thanks to a 24/7 highly qualified security and technical assistance system provided by Saitel Telecomunicazioni, technological partner of Motorola Solutions.
• The staff of the US Pavilion will be able to communicate efficiently and safely not only into the American exhibit area whose extension is of 3,250 m² but also inside the 335,000 m² of the EXPO’s sustainable “smart city”.

by the Editorial Staff

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