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Videotec : The New ULISSE RADICAL Line.

Videotec : The New ULISSE RADICAL Line.

ULISSE RADICAL, by Videotec,  is the new range of outdoor PTZ cameras, pre-assembled in the factory, with the best motorised network cameras and zoom lenses ensuring a high level of performance.

ULISSE RADICAL was developed by Videotec in every single detail during the design and engineering stages to ensure proper functioning, making it ready for use. The camera and lens have been pre-configured during the production stage, and the user only needs to connect up to the power supply and network and carry out the simple final set-up to adapt it to requirements.

ULISSE RADICAL integrates Full HD cameras, 1/2 “CMOS sensor, and 1080p/60fps for daytime and night-time broadcast quality video. To obtain flawless images, even for very long distances, extremely high-performance lenses were selected, 18x or 33x (up to 500mm), equipped with an advanced autofocus that allows the user to quickly achieve and maintain automatic focus on a very distant subject, with sharp details.

The special Visible Cut Filter enables the removal of disturbances caused by the external environment, due to haze or excessive heat.
ULISSE RADICAL offers amazing performances both during the day and night: optimal results even in complete darkness thanks to the support of two powerful IR LED illuminators ensuring clear illumination up to a distance of more than 300 metres.

They are all IP, and all functions can be managed via the ONVIF-S protocol by most VMS on the market.
With its sophisticated temperature control system, ULISSE RADICAL is designed for perfect continuous operation even in extreme temperatures, from -40°C to 60°C.
The powerful ULISSE RADICAL motors provide exceptional fluidity of movement, even at a minimum speed of 0.02°/sec.
Ideal solution for the surveillance of vast outdoor areas, perimeters, border lines, harbors and airports, control of highways and military installations.

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