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Vidicore: 25 years of experience in the security industry

Vidicore: 25 years of experience in the security industry

S News meets Achim Hauschke, CEO Vidicore.

Vidicore has more than 25 years of experience in the security industry and you have been working on the Italian market for years. Which are your peculiarities, your strong points you can offer?
Vidicore was founded almost 8 years ago with the intention to represent CCTV manufacturers in Europe and to establish their brand in all European countries and markets, providing a partner network, a professional support and a European presence. With 25 years’ experience working for camera- and recorder manufacturers, distributors as well as representatives for leading CCTV suppliers, Vidicore`s founders Achim Hauschke and Christof Kraka created a team of 12 specialists with the clear focus on IP video, especially Megapixel resolution. Sales network built, tech support, project support and repair services are some of the strong skills of Vidicore. We are specialized on all European countries, especially the Italian market has always been in our focus. We are offering a full support including free of charge training sessions for technical staff as well as for sales team members.

RIVA is surely an important brand among yours. Why did you choose RIVA?
A few years ago we have noticed, that despite of the general trend into IP, the amazing image quality of a Full HD camera, the open platform benefit of an IP network and the flexibility of IP cameras, the CCTV market is still struggling with the transition from analogue to IP: Too many camera manufacturers, who are not clearly explaining the real benefits and, which is more important, not explaining the limits of IP, the limits of CMOS sensors, the disadvantage of a resolution higher 2MP and the conditions you need to respect during a project design. We are clearly showing the details as we see it from the installers point of view, making sure, that RIVA users have all information to make it a success.

Which are the targets RIVA products can better satisfy, and which is the answer from them?
With our camera product line RIVA we have built our business onto 2 poles: Product quality & Support quality. Both have to get the same focus and if you fail with one of them, you will not succeed. The product quality includes the solid and reliable making, the impression of a good image quality with a natural white balance and true color and a 24/7 usage without failures. Our support quality gives you a fast response time, a flexible loaner/RMA procedure and professional training courses from a team of well-educated engineers, who are specialized in cameras, recorders, VMC solution and project design. We see our success and the fast growing interest in offering unique features: Remote focus/zoom features, easy to install routines, video analytics onboard at no costs, innovative products like the repositionable dome, a thermal camera line, that is becoming more and more popular, and complementing products like our encoder range, which is often required in installations, where analogue products are still used and of course a full and complete line of cameras.

You will exhibit at IFSEC 2013. Can you present the solutions you are launching/exhibit there?
We will launch several new and unique HD products: The highlight is our RC3302HD – RIVA´s remote repositioning Full HD IP-Dome RC3302HD with H.264/MJPEG with the size of a standard 5” Mini Dome offers the benefit of a PTZ camera. Due to the easy installation it saves labor costs, as it does not require any onsite positioning and focusing of the camera.  The installation time can be reduced to an absolute minimum and can even be performed by people without technical background. The camera provides up to 10 preset positions that can be set automatically via a timer function. Furthermore, the mini dome offers a remote zoom/focus control with “one-click” autofocus.

RIVA RC3302HD offers a lot of features, such as dual stream, 2-way audio, digital in-/output, SD card slot, ONVIF support, USB and PoE and is available at a price of a standard IP Mini Dome camera. The outdoor version RC3702HD with IP66 housing including fan and heater is suitable for operations at temperatures from – 20°C up to 50°C.

We will furthermore introduce: A new Full HD 1080p ultra compact dome RC302HD for indoor applications, the indoor mini dome RC3202HD with WDR and the latest mini bullet camera RC6802HD including built-in IR illuminator with Smart IR for outdoor applications. All products shown include a lot of features and ensure ONVIF compatibility.

by Alice Lecis

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