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“Who is OPEN?”

Arteco, engaged in the OPEN project, now has released a new Partner page and a new promotional video, which will be presented at ISC West in Las Vegas on April 15th.

Steve Birkmeier, Vice President of Sales says: “Our mission is to make the interoperability between systems, devices and different types of applications more intuitive and easy than ever imagined.  From video  security, access control, intrusion and fire detection to building automation, traffic control, parking management and beyond, this focus has opened up new and interesting opportunities in logistics, healthcare, critical infrastructure, transportation and large retail environments.  Each of these operations may care about different information, but in the end, they are all focused on what is important to their environment – the event.

“With Arteco the event is always front and center to everything we do because once you can accurately detect and manage events you can achieve true situational awareness.  The key has been delivering this event management in an intuitive way that can simply the interaction between complex security devices and make it easier for the operator to get real-time information.”

“We are extremely excited to be showing many of these interactions live in Las Vegas at ISC West this week.”

Why  do you use the slogan “Who's OPEN?” ?
Maurizio Barbo, director of sales and marketing in southern Europe, explains: “Because anyone can interact with our system. From a single programmer to large systems integrators, anyone can develop interactive and interoperable apps. Piece by piece, these will bring fresh solutions and innovations of any kind and for any need. One example, already in implementation, is the first significant project signed in January 2015: 3000 cameras used to manage and control an important logistics network. In this large scale application, Arteco NEXT VEMS interacts with intrusion detection and access control systems from various manufacturers to automate the opening and closing of gates and manage areas of loading-unloading in more than 175 branches throughout the Italian territory, centralized in one dedicated control panel.
We also think about the universities as an incubator of ideas, giving voice and opportunity to researchers for developing applications in every sector of the market, creating space and opportunities for many young people. Whoever puts in the right passion and enthusiasm can be OPEN and achieve the most satisfaction. We're better together! “.

Visit www.arteco-global.com to watch our new promotional video and see our new partner page.

by the Editorial Staff

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