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Arecont Vision® 4K MegaVideo® Cameras Go Far Beyond HD


The company’s new MegaVideo® 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) Ultra High Definition (UHD) camera provides a total resolution of 8.3-megapixels (MP) at 30 frames per second (fps) to deliver spectacular images. The camera’s exceptional resolution and fast frame rates are ideal for mission critical applications where the fastest and most subtle movements need to be captured.

“Our new 4K surveillance camera’s ability to capture Ultra HD resolution sets a new benchmark in professional video surveillance performance,” said Raul Calderon, Senior Vice President, Arecont Vision®.

Arecont Vision®’s MegaVideo® 4K UHD camera features a highly sophisticated one-inch 8.3 megapixel image sensor and extremely fast internal processing that runs quadruple the speed of conventional megapixel cameras to deliver unparalleled performance in both bright and low light environments. The camera also features true Day/Night capabilities to capture UHD color images during daylight hours and high-resolution black and white images in low lighting conditions. The superior image performance provided by the new 4K camera can reduce overall system costs by covering larger areas with fewer cameras. In fact, one Arecont Vision® 4K camera can replace several 1080p cameras that produce 2MP images at 30fps.

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