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EN54 Voice Emergency: PASO and its safety route across Italy


Safety first: an important role is played by this motto in the PASO R&D department. The Lombard company is oriented towards a production aimed to reinforce and increase its presence in the EN54 Voice emergency field of business while the established relevance in the field of PA broadcasting sound systems dedicated to the public, within domestic and international markets, does continue.

Paso's design and constant research have made available a series of solutions and devices over the last few years allowing to the company to have a complete line up of solutions and devices, from the simplest to the most complex. The historical Know-How of PASO in the audio field has been useful  to integrate solid qualitative and uniqueness to its EVAC range of products. Let us go through the concepts and characteristics of the below three different installations, all made with Paso EN54-16 and EN54-24 certified products for a…“saferoute across Italy!

Let' s start our journey with the first historic certified product, the PA8506-V compact system, which was installed in the Radisson Hotel housed in Palazzo Nani, a historic 16th-century palace in Venice. This compact voice evacuation system allows the diffusion of background music and calls (general or zone call) without interfering with the diagnostic routines required by the current safety standards. Equipped with an integrated emergency microphone, two class D amplifiers, a message generator and a socket with a USB input for playing background music. The ideal context where there is a  dual system use:  emergency voice system and sound diffusion. The system is completed by the AW5624 power unit (240 W) and by the 12 W C48/12-EN and C58/12-EN speaker units. The zone outputs are equipped with a monitoring function, to guarantee optimal operation of the speaker lines.

Another "milestone" of the EN54 Paso products range is with no doubt the CR8506-V controller. This management and the diagnostic unit is particularly suitable for large and small installations, where high levels of safety, flexibility, and ease of use are required. The simplicity of connection (CAT-5e SF / UTP shielded cable) between the management units, the amplifiers and the emergency microphone units makes the realization of broadcasting systems for complex buildings effective and economical, allowing the use of both centralized and locals. This feature was  fully exploited for the installation made for the renovation of the Asiago Hospital, in the Venetian Region, where the system is divided into four floors and is composed of CR8506-V controllers, RT8506-V routers and 500 W PMD500-V boosters. The system is managed through the TSB8500-V touch screen microphone units and provides security and music diffusion in the common areas of the structure.

Last but not least the PAW, a family of compact solutions all in one, has marked the most recent Paso EN54 history within Voice Alarm market field. The compact wall-mounted all-in-one solution is combining  power and technology features and does represent really an excellent response to the market demand of Voice Alarm and has established  itself as one of the 'top' products in the Safety sector.
Starting from the simplest model, the stand-alone PAW3502-V used in a dedicated installation inside the MONZA RACETRACK, passing through PAW4500-VES and PAW5500-VES, the latter used to manage complex systems such as the one installed in the S. MONICA COMPLEX OF CREMONA, the new campus of the CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY of the Sacred Heart, where four PAW5500-VES Series all-in-one PASO units - interconnected with each other - allow the total safety coverage of the spaces dedicated to the university, to arrive  at the  powerful 1000 W PAW51K-VES model, used in the FELTRE ICE PALACE system, where the Italian leading company on the emergency broadcasting, voice evacuation and congress system markets, installed an audio system for both live music as well as for emergency messages management.

After reaching maximum power, Paso now focuses on maximum compactness: the new PAW Mini Range.   These models combine, as the name itself suggests, technology and above all high levels of compactness than the predecessors PASO PAW FAMILY.

The PAW Mini range, composed by five different models and featuring a power between 100 to 250 W, is ideal for small/medium installations such as shops, restaurants and offices.

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