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Eurosatory 2024: Protect your future

Eurosatory 2024 Protect your future

The world is changing and Eurosatory, with its 55 years of experience, looks to the future and aims at addressing current and future challenges, presenting a new identity highlighted by the signature “Protect your future”.

After Eurosatory 2022, which was one of the most significant editions of the fair, with 1743 exhibitors from 62 countries (62% from outside France), 62000 professional visitors from 150 countries, and 250 official delegations from 96 countries, the next edition will be held from 17th to 21st June 2024 at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre, Paris, France.

Although the event is still more than a year away, Eurosatory ushers in a new phase, presenting a new logo, new colours, a new signature and a new key visual.

“Our decade – says General Charles Beaudouin (retd), Exhibition Director of Eurosatory – is characterised by an acceleration in history, what with the global pandemic, the return of major inter-State conflicts, the re-examination of globalization, and the imperative need to engage in the ecological transition in order to address major environmental challenges. In this world order in a state of upheaval, Governments have a duty to strengthen their capabilities to deal with growing threats (humanitarian and environmental disasters resulting from health, natural or industrial hazards, violence within societies, terrorism, new paradigms of armed conflict, cyber-attacks). The world is changing, Eurosatory must reinvent itself”.

Eurosatory, a new identity: “Protect your future”

Maud Carcy Bessette, Communications Director, adds: “We wished to reflect these transformations in our brand identity, built around the four strategic pillars that constitute Eurosatory’s strengths: an international show, and a true showcase for technology, combining business and insight”.

With this revised identity, Eurosatory proposes a forward-looking vision and a new brand narrative around the signature “Protect your future”. The aim is to accomplish the show’s ambition to address current and future challenges: as they say from Eurosatory, “Invent the responsible Defence and Security of tomorrow’s world”.

“This brand identity – General Charles Beaudouin continues – is fully in line with the geopolitical swing that we are experiencing. It establishes our position as a global leader and our propensity to present in an exhaustive, tangible and innovative way the solutions, services and expertise to tackle all types of crises, from high-intensity conflicts to the humanitarian and environmental disasters specific to our century.

This approach illustrates the strategic transformation of Eurosatory, both internally with the buy-in of our teams, and externally to expand our expertise in the Defence and Security fields (in their widest sense); to harness our knowledge of diplomatic and ministerial circles, all in the aim of supporting our clients in their international development”.

Today, the Eurosatory brand more strongly asserts its mission: to enable Governments, supranational organisations, NGOs and businesses to anticipate and reinvent the way they deal with new and increasingly frequent crises that they face owing to both international tensions and global warming. In this respect, Eurosatory’s signature “Protect your future” is the expression of the mission statement of the global event for Defence and Security.

This visual identity reinvents the brand, with a purposefully streamlined logo in the form of a shield: the embodiment of defence and security. This shape bears the mark of a stylised Eiffel Tower in a nod to French excellence.

The creative concept of the 2024 key visual represents a land theatre incorporating the capabilities offered by the sea, air, space and cyber fields. Its overall symbolism with a woman’s face turned towards the future embodying the notion of foresight, illustrates the show’s promise: “The guarantee of finding and discovering all the global expertise and emerging trends to address the challenges of today and tomorrow”.

The choice of a female face also celebrates the women and men dedicated to providing peace and security in the world.

Eurosatory Protect your future

Eurosatory 2024

Eurosatory is the global land and air benchmark event for Defence and Security”, as the organizers say.

The exhibition takes place every two years, with the next edition being held in 2024. It is a key interface between all the players in the international community, that brings together more than 100,000 professionals working with D&S and managing crisis situations: businesses, governments, military staff, institutions and private bodies, and supranational organisations.

In the picture: President of France Emmanuel Macron at the inauguration of Eurosatory 2022. Picture by Eurosatory.

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