Euralrm White paper domestic life Safety

Euralarm White Paper on Domestic life safety

The new Euralarm white paper Enhancing Domestic Life Safety aims to explore various strategies and technologies that can be implemented to enhance domestic life safety. By identifying potential risks and proposing...
ONVIF TLS Configuration Add-on

ONVIF: TLS Configuration Add-on for Secure Communications

ONVIF released the final version of the TLS Configuration Add-on to increase the security of communications between devices and software clients within a physical security system. The add-on supports the...
Alan Ataev Axxonsoft Interview Sicurezza 2023

AxxonSoft and Axxon One 2.0 at Sicurezza. Interview with Alan Ataev

At AxxonSoft booth at Fiera Sicurezza in Milan S News met Mr. Alan Ataev, AxxonSoft CEO. Since 2003 AxxonSoft software has been writing the history in intelligent video surveillance and...
ONVIF TLS Configuration Add-on

ONVIF: Release Candidate for First Add-on for Secure Communications

ONVIF has introduced the TLS Configuration Add-on (Release Candidate) for secure communications between devices and clients. TLS Configuration is the first in a new category of ONVIF add-ons, which are specifications...
Dahua Latest Products InfoComm Asia 2023

Dahua Latest Products at InfoComm Asia 2023

Dahua Technology unveiled several of its “star products” at InfoComm Asia 2023 in Bangkok, demonstrating the latest screen display solutions to customers in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world...
Dahua 4G Solar Power Network Camera

Dahua: 4G Solar Power Network Camera for Outdoor Applications

Dahua Technology launches 4G Solar Power Network Camera for Outdoor Application Scenarios. Monitoring outdoor scenarios is never an easy task, especially for those situated outside the grid. That’s why Dahua...
Rohde e Schwarz scanners at Passenger Terminal EXPO

Rohde & Schwarz: security scanners at Passenger Terminal EXPO

The static and walk-through security scanners will be exhibited by Rohde & Schwarz at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023 in Amsterdam, from March 14 to 16, “to meet the highest airport...
i-PRO: AI Scene Change Detection

i-PRO: Introducing AI Scene Change Detection

i-PRO points out that AI-based analytic application brings easy on-site learning of a scene by a series of captured images. “As of today – they say – AI Scene Change...
i-PRO NU Series NVRs Simple Install All-in-One Recording Solution

i-PRO: NU-Series NVRs, Simple to Install All-in-One Recording Solution

i-PRO presents its new NU-Series network video recorders (NVR), NDAA compliant with intel CPU and end-to-end AI, accessible for smaller spaces and businesses. These NVRs are the successors to the...
Dahua TiOC cameras proactive video surveillance

Dahua: TiOC cameras for proactive video surveillance

TiOC cameras by Dahua Technology, equipped with three main features (TiOC stands for Three in One Camera), are a proactive video surveillance solution that uses the Dahua full-color technology. Nowadays...
Axis dual sensors cameras

Axis dual-sensor cameras: 360° IR and deep learning

Axis Communications presents AXIS P4705-PLVE Panoramic Camera and AXIS P4707-PLVE Panoramic Camera, twodual-sensor, multidirectional cameras designed for excellent wide angle overviews and zoomed-in detailed coverage, around the clock and even...
Axis A12 Series

AXIS A12 Series door controllers

Axis Communications presents the AXIS A12 Series door controllers for maximum flexibility. Fully integrated within Axis end-to-end solutions, these scalable products are optimised for both small and large installations. With...
The offices of MacPaw made safe by Ajax

Ajax: how to make a 3350 sq. m. office secure and smart. The MacPaw case

Ajax Systems renovated an old alarm system, turning it into a modern tool integrated in a smart office. This happened at MacPaw, an Ukrainian company that has been creating and...

Axis: the next generation of Axis M11 Box Cameras

Axis Communications announces the next generation of Axis M11 Box Cameras offering superb image quality even in low light conditions. The new Axis M11 are affordable and compact box cameras...

Ajax-based security solution reduces fuel thefts ten times

The Ajax-based security solution helped Portugalenses Transportes Lda, one of the leading transport companies in Europe with a fleet of over a hundred trucks,  to protect vehicles against fuel thift...

Axis: new all-in-one ceiling speakers

They are AXIS C1210-E Network Ceiling Speaker and AXIS C1211-E. AXIS C1210-E Network Ceiling Speaker and AXIS C1211-E can be used to proactively warn off intruders, deliver safety instructions, make...

Axis: Multidirectional PTZ 15 MP Camera

Axis Communications announces the AXIS M5000-G PTZ, a multidirectional PTZ 15 MP camera that will be available through Axis distribution channels in April 2022. Axis multidirectional 15 MP camera offers...

Uniview: New Easystar 4K Network Cameras

Uniview launches Easystar 4K series, a new series that supports Easystar and 4K ultra high definition. 4K high definition provides better image quality and more details. In the meantime, Easystar...


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