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i-PRO: NU-Series NVRs, Simple to Install All-in-One Recording Solution

i-PRO NU Series NVRs Simple Install All-in-One Recording Solution

i-PRO presents its new NU-Series network video recorders (NVR), NDAA compliant with intel CPU and end-to-end AI, accessible for smaller spaces and businesses. These NVRs are the successors to the NX100 and NX200 models, and are available in 4, 8, and 16 channel configurations with in-built PoE(+) power and a slim form factor for easy installation.


With a focus on creating a plug and play as well as easy recording for smaller businesses, the NU-NVRs work with i-PRO or any other manufacturer cameras, and simply need to plug in to the HDMI monitor to begin security operations. The NU-NVRs also bring AI-based analytics to small and medium businesses, flexible to suit many uses. “Organizations seeking simple yet highly accurate AI-based analytics – they say from i-PRO – such as human and vehicle object detection (AI-VMD) can eliminate the need for a PC with the NU Series NVRs, which are capable of receiving alarm notifications and playback without additional hardware and software”. More powerful analytics for complex uses can be achieved through utilizing i-PRO Active Guard, in combination with a PC and WV-ASM300 management software. That way, users can be proactively notified of important events or create detailed forensic searches utilizing up to 98 unique search and filter attributes between people and vehicles collected from i-PRO AI cameras.

The NU-series NVRs offer increased situational awareness even in remote locations, when operators access via a secure browser interface or via smartphone with the i-PRO Mobile APP.

“i-PRO’s first NU-Series NVRs – says Gerard Figols, President of i-PRO EMEA – provide an easy to deploy all-in-one security solution. Banks, Gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants: any small-footprint location that needs constant surveillance can create an end-to-end, highly cybersecure ecosystem and access the power of AI while continuing to use existing equipment. We look forward to working with our partners to bring this capability and convenience to customers”.

Key features include:

  • built-in PoE+ switch: the NU-Series can power up to 16 channels with a built-in PoE+ switch, eliminating the need to purchase a separate switch. The NU NVRs with PoE+ can supply power and enable data communication to the connected cameras via a single cable;
  • easy installation: the slim design of the NU-Series enables them to be installed directly on a wall, hanging horizontally or vertically, under a desk or in other small spots. No storage racks are required. Also, the NU-series have tool-less structure for HDD kitting;
  • 10x more storage than comparable NVRs: the i-PRO NU-series can support up to 20TB capacity per HDD unit, enabling system construction with high capacity (up to 20TB – 40TB), depending on the model. The 20TB HDD offers a longer retention window than most mid-range recorders, which typically store in the two-to-four TB range. Having a longer retention window allows for more footage to be available for a longer look-back window for potential investigations;
  • integration with i-PRO AI products: The NU-Series can support several AI applications and receive alarm notification and playback without a PC and video management software. All models include integrated support for i-PRO AI applications including:
    • AI-VMD;
    • AI non-mask detection;
    • AI Occupancy detection;
    • AI Privacy Guard;
    • it is also fully compatible with the i-PRO Active Guard intelligent search application;
  • high security: “Offering the highest level of cybersecurity protection in the market – they highlight from the company – a GlobalSign® certificate is pre-installed on every model of the NU-Series”. The FIPS 140-2 level 3 Certified Secure Element is guaranteeing customers using i-PRO NVRs with i-PRO cameras end-to-end security in line with compliance specifications. The new NU-Series range is fully NDAA compliant;
  • high connectivity: with RTSP protocol and ONVIF connection, NU-series can be connected with wide range of camera brands (depends on camera brand, model number, firmware, those NVRs may not be able to connect).


The NVRs are available in the following configurations:

  • model NU301 supports 16 camera registrations, 16 PoE+ ports, and 2 HDD slots with RAID1;
  • model NU300 supports 16 camera registrations, 8 PoE+ ports, and 1 HDD slot;
  • model NU201 supports 8 camera registrations, 8 PoE+ ports, and 1 HDD slot;
  • model NU101 supports 4 camera registrations, 4 PoE+ ports, and 1 HDD slot.

All models include Intel CPU, 2x HDMI outputs, and FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified secure element for cybersecurity.

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