Secura North Africa

From Nov. 22, 2022 to Nov. 24, 2022
Algiers, Algeria

SECURA North Africa 2022 is an annual B2B and B2G exhibition taking place in Algeria that contributes to business meetings between safety, fire, security, cybersecurity & emergency equipment suppliers and North African private, public, and governmental institutions.

This tradeshow was initially created to follow the amazing development of Algerian local industry needs in term of safety & security but the strong support of Algerian gave it an international reach and credibility.

The Algerian government unlocked massive investment budgets such as the 59 billion USD investment plan of its national Oil & Gas company Sonatrach or its brand-new International Airport in Algiers for 700 million USD. The country is strongly pushing in a quite successful way to switch its imports into local manufacturing investments. And now the country is preparing to open its 1200 km of virgin coastline and its desert to tourism as last year only, the Algerian Ministry of Tourism approved 1800 touristic projects among which 260 new hotels, 74 motels, and 58 touristic resorts. The emergence of a strong national industrial capacity but also the geostrategic position of Algeria explains the immediate success of the Event.

The Third edition of SECURA North Africa took place in 2020 where 4023 unique professional visitors met 60 suppliers. The event generated onsite deals in construction projects, IPEs, perimeter protection, access control, fire prevention and firefighting, private security, cybersecurity, emergency and disaster equipment. But it is also an excellent platform for international companies in that sector looking for local representatives in Algeria and the North African region.

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