Smart IoT Indonesia

From Mar. 02, 2023 to Mar. 04, 2023
JIExpo Kemayoran
Jakarta, Indonesia
Smart IoT Indonesia 2023

Smart IoT Indonesia, taking place from 2nd to 4th March 2023 at JIExpo in Jakarta and co-located with Big Data Indonesia, Data Center Indonesia, Cloud & Cyber Security Indonesia, Smart Manufacturing Indonesia, Mobile Technologies Indonesia as part of Smart Home+City Indonesia, will present solutions and innovations related to the Internet of Things. The show represents the ideal opportunity to engage with senior decision makers from OCT Industries, manufacturers, government, enterprises, public sectors, and service providers, including system integrators, developers and consultant.

IoT in the Indonesian business world

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, IoT has brought many positive changes in Indonesian business world, as there has been an increase in the use of smartphones and 5G networks. IoT has also begun to be widely used for smart cities, smart public transportation systems, digital payments, logistics, and more, growing rapidly since the 4.0 industrial revolution began. In 2022, Indonesia’s IoT market reach US$26 billion and it is predicted to reach US$40 billion in 2025. The main sectors in which IoT is expected to develop up until 2025 are:

  • health;
  • food and beverages;
  • agriculture and plantations;
  • mining and petroleum.

The role of high-speed internet-based data connectivity (broadband) has changed the way organizations, including in the industrial sector, do business today. The Internet of Things can provide data that enables sophisticated tools to visualize, explore, and build sophisticated analysis. IoT can help smart cities, especially in monitoring and managing the existence of the surrounding environment in real-time, such as monitoring the traffic, flooding, sea conditions for disaster mitigation actions for sailors and fishermen, and checking the condition of water discharge in reservoirs.

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