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Hikvision – Pyronix: KX15DD

Hikvision - Pyronix: KX15DD

Installations can present many challenges to providing the ideal security solution. Such challenges can be securing rooms with changing environmental conditions. For example, fluctuating temperatures can generate false alarms for many detectors on the market, which can be very irritating for the user.

“The solution is the KX15DD“, they say from Hikvision-Pyronix.

With its dual element pyro-electric sensor and Blue Wave Technology (BWT), the detector monitors the environment where it is fitted and adjusts its sensitivity to changing levels in infra-red energy and background temperature. This enables it to maintain optimum performance, while reducing the risk of false alarms.

Technology Focus: Auto-Sensitivity
Auto-Sensitivity allows the Pyronix detectors to self-adapt to changing environmental conditions, in order to maintain stability and intruder catch performance. How do we do this? Well, inside all Pyronix detectors is a microprocessor which holds all of the intelligence that makes them stand out from the competition.

Within the Pyronix microprocessor there is a software temperature compensation algorithm. This algorithm controls the alarm trip thresholds; when the temperature is low, the alarm thresholds are wide; when the temperature starts to increase, the algorithm moves the trip thresholds inwards. This method enables the Pyronix detectors to maintain optimum stability, as well as optimum detection performance.

by the Editorial Staff

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