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International Team EL.MO.: Integration of tailored systems and solutions

Alberto Pastorello El.Mo. International Team

S News meets Alberto Pastorello, International Sales Manager of EL.MO.

EL.MO. very strong in Italy is strongly present also abroad. When did your vocation to export begin and why?

The International Team of EL.MO. was established about a decade ago in response to the growing needs that have characterized our mission and corporate structure. EL.MO. has always stood out for its constant pursuit of contact with customers and open dialogue with partners, both through our commercial operations and through a wide range of continuously evolving marketing initiatives.
This proactive approach has allowed us to establish strong relationships with numerous partners, opening doors to our presence in the international market as well. Thanks to our commitment to maintaining a constant dialogue, the name of EL.MO. has become known in Europe, as well as in the Middle East and Africa. The high technology reputation of our products and Italian savoir-faire have contributed to making us competitive even in contexts where well-known brands are already present.
Daily interaction with various entities in different foreign markets adds value to our experience and our work in the Italian domestic market, enriching us with skills and preparing us to face ever-new challenges. This experience has enabled us to actively participate in constructive dialogues and discussions, further consolidating our position in the international market.

What is the organization and structure of the EL.MO. International Team?

Our international department is divided into two distinct but closely linked sections: the sales team and the marketing team. The sales team is responsible for maintaining direct contact with our partners, both in person and through online channels, in order to meet their various needs and tailored business proposals. On the other hand, the marketing team handles all marketing and communication activities and initiatives, with the flexibility to meet the specific requests of our clients. Additionally, a crucial technical support figure for our activities is the Security Area Manager.
An aspect of utmost importance is the full synergy and harmonization of our operations with all the departments within the company. This standardization is a strength that allows us to operate within a group composed of about ten departments in continuous communication and constant support, to address the different needs of customers and to develop all design, sales, and marketing activities.
The full operational flexibility of our team is a highly appreciated characteristic by our partners.

ELMO Team Global Interconnection

What is your proposal for international markets in terms of solutions?

EL.MO.’s offering is extremely wide and encompasses a diversified range of sectors, including fire detection, video surveillance, access control, and particularly, intrusion detection. This breadth of solutions allows us to effectively respond to a variety of needs, which vary depending on the context, issues, and especially the different reference markets.
Thanks to our diversified range of products for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, we strive every day to enhance our strength: the ability to connect different solutions. This integration capability optimizes the efficiency of our systems and allows us to offer tailored solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each customer.
This synergy among our solutions has allowed us to develop what we term the “EL.MO. ecosystem“: products and technologies that work together to provide a superior level of security. Among the strengths that distinguish EL.MO., this integrated approach holds an important place because it simplifies the management and implementation of our systems, representing a valuable resource for our distributors, design studios, installers, and consequently, also for end users.

The ability to daily engage with many different realities and diverse needs, often even more advanced for socio-economic contexts, undoubtedly provides us with a privileged observation point on the industry. What is your vision on the evolution of security, fire, and comfort, both in terms of technology and the market?

Absolutely! We can certainly boast a privileged perspective and an extra edge!
One of the advantages of being structured with an international department is precisely the ability to daily engage with other markets, not only European ones, and thus address different needs, unique realities, and significant challenges. It is thanks to the synergy established among the technical, sales, and marketing aspects that we are able to meet personalized requests.
Observation is a distinctive value of our Team, as it represents the key to learning and solving problems with awareness and proactivity.
Observation helps to identify market trends, consumer preferences, and opportunities for new ideas, but it also directly translates into engineering capability to develop solutions and catalog products that best meet emerging needs and customer preferences. It is important to recognize that the evolution of the security market is influenced by various factors, including emerging technologies and regulatory changes, as well as specific global economic conditions.
On the technological front, certainly the combination of data analysis and artificial intelligence will lead to advanced analysis of behavior patterns, allowing the identification of threats in real time and the prediction of potential security risks.
Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), together with big data analysis, will enable the development of smarter solutions for prevention and incident management.
In this scenario, EL.MO. will continue to distinguish itself as a global provider of security solutions, ensuring the necessary professional competence and support to our partners, to continue offering highly competitive and professional solutions and services.

ELMO Team  internationality
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