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SICUREZZA 2021: Ready to start! Free Pass with S News

SICUREZZA 2021: Ready to start! Free Pass with S News

SICUREZZA 2021 will be held from November 22 to 24 at Fiera Milano – Rho and the event is preparing to welcome Italian and international professional visitors. If you like to receive a FREE PASS to SICUREZZA with S News, please click here!

At SICUREZZA 2021 it will be possible to meet up again and discuss things in person with manufacturers and, above all, discover the best that the market has to offer to protect people, goods and the environment. Products representing all the market elements will allow to review the most advanced solutions available for each application area.

From ultra-high resolution video cameras to thermal cameras that today find wide application in anti-Covid prevention, to data management software and video analysis systems that allow for intelligent reading of data and images, video surveillance manufacturers and distributors will provide an overview of a technology that today finds application in every sector, both public – from sensitive data to cities – and private.

The range of anti-intrusion products on offer in this edition will be wide, with the participation of leading international and Italian brands. Integrated systems designed for industry, commerce or institutional environments, innovative proposals for fog systems, but also many products for the residential sector, now increasingly connected and integrated with advanced home automation solutions that allow experiencing a new level of comfort and ensuring the optimization of energy resources. The new central role that the home has taken on in the past few months – and that continues today also thanks to the smart working push – and the technological evolution that has seen an exponential increase in the availability of broadband has further turned the spotlight on the potential and advantages of the smart home, a market that, according to the latest data released by the Politecnico di Milano, has been able to withstand the impact of Covid, reporting only a slight drop and is now worth 505 million euros.

The focus on the theme of cyber security is confirmed: broadband, connected and integrated solutions, cloud management, artificial intelligence and IOT, which are finding more and more interest in security products, cannot but put the theme of data security in the foreground. An urgent need for both manufacturers and installers, who today the GDPR, the European Privacy Code, considers in different ways directly liable for protecting the data of those who are “tracked” by said systems.

In order to provide a joint response to this emergency, SICUREZZA is once again offering the Cyber Arena, the exhibition and training area created in collaboration with Fiera Milano Media – Business International, where experts, national security experts, academics and companies will analyze trends, share best practices and present the latest innovations on the topic. Every day, the program will alternate between Cyber Security Talks, in-depth meetings with experts in the sector who will give their views on the main trends, and Cyber Security Tips, short training sessions with advice and suggestions to use immediately.

There will also be a wide range of access control systems, including automatic devices, bollards and flow control systems, as well as fire prevention systems, focused mainly on detection, and passive security, with locks and safes.

SICUREZZA also confirms its vast training program for this edition, created thanks to the collaboration with associations and third parties active in the sector. The training program will enrich all three days of the fair, with a common goal: offering practical support to operators, developing specific skills, updating them on regulations, and providing practical added value to those who work in the field.

So, see you at SICUREZZA 2021, see you in Milan!

If you like to receive a FREE PASS to SICUREZZA with S News, please click here!


by the Editorial Staff

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