Dahua & Partners for a Safer and Smart Living. Interview with David Shen

Monica Bertolo, Editor in Chief for S News, meets David Shen, Regional Director of Dahua Western Europe who underlines: “We always say that Dahua Technology makes your life safer and we want to do more, we want also to offer the Smart Living. Nowadays Dahua has a lot of cooperations with our partners for example with the government, museums, and universities. We make some joint laboratories with them to analyze their requirements and improve our performances with our partners’ added value”. 

That is what Dahua calls its Ecosystem and Shen explains: “We have the total solution, even if we focus mainly on security. Sometimes End Users and our customers need something more, such as Alarm systems, VMS softwares and other technologies. Nowadays what we want to provide them is the real total solution, so we are also looking for other partners who can work perfectly with our system, because we are an open system. This is why we arrange a lot of events and marketing activities where we invite new partners: we want to show End Users and System Integrators that our products and solutions can work perfectly with our partners’ systems. That’s why who is interested can join our activities”.

by Monica Bertolo

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