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Ajax Special Event: Save the Date!

Ajax Special Event: Save the Date!

Ajax Systems will hold its Special Event 2021 on May 20th.

“It’s a big virtual presentation – they underline from Ajax – during which participants will be able to see the products the company has been working on lately: the new masterpieces of security”.

The event, starting at 11:00 (CET), will give the attendees the chance to learn everything about Ajax’s newest devices.  

The event is completely free.

The show will be broadcasted in 13 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian. Participants will have the opportunity to choose their language before the presentation starts.

Click here to register!

“It will be the second Special Event by Ajax Systems. Last year – they highlight – the company presented a wide range of new features, from two-factor authentication to the much sought-after data import functionality from one hub to another. In addition, Ajax team introduced the new Hub 2 Plus with LTE support and the MultiTransmitter, a module for renovation of old wired alarms which lets integrating wired detectors into the Ajax system and controlling them via the app, and much more”.

And this year, the Special Event will be equally electrifying, for sure!

We will surprise you this year as well – they add from Ajax – and for this reason, we invite you all not to miss this important and unique appointment. The format is captivating and stimulating for the atmosphere it creates and the innovations it presents”.

To register for Ajax Special Event 2021 on May 20th at 11:00 (CET), click here!

by the Editorial Staff

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