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Dahua Technology: present and future

Dahua Technology: present and future

Dahua Technology has recently appointed Mr. Jason Zhao as Vice President of Dahua Technology and General Manager of Dahua Overseas Business and Mr. David Shen as Regional Director of Dahua Western Europe.

S News meets them.

Mr. Zhao, what do you deal about in your role and who do you report to?
As a Vice President of Dahua Technology, and General Manager of overseas business, I am responsible for the company’s overseas business development and operating, reporting to Mr. Ke Li, President of Dahua Technology.

It’s a very challenging position managing huge verities in different markets, but with the technology leadership from Dahua Technology and with committed and motivated employees in different countries, I am confident that we, together with our team, will achieve our business goals.

Which specific objectives did you adopt and why?
First of all, to solidify the business transformation of Dahua Technology from product-focused to solution-focused.

In today’s market, user needs is shifting greatly from pure products to solutions which can address the customer challenges and bring true business values for customers. For example, surveillance in retail chains: customers are not satisfied any more with just how can cameras monitor the scene. Instead, customers are demanding that the whole system be able to improve its operation efficiency and mitigate potential risk. Like facial recognition, goods identification, code scanning, temperature monitoring, etc., to be integrated into a whole system.

The transformation involves both internal organization and external partners, enabling them to identify, analyze and solve the business challenges of their customer, for which the change of mindset is very important.Then, to find a way to cope with macroeconomics. The global economics are changing its dynamics as well. Like the exchange rate crisis in Turkey, Argentina and other emerging markets. How to mitigate the potential risk and maintain our business development is another challenge that we have to cope with and we are currently working on it.

“Enabling a safer society and a smarter living” is the mission of your company. What is Dahua doing to reach this goal?
Dahua Technology is proud of its mission and will reach the goal by focusing on its value proposition, that we can summarize as follows:

Innovative Technology
1. Since 2014 Dahua has invested about 10% of its annual sales revenue into R&D.
2. The company has four research institutes: Advanced Technology Institute, Big Data Institute, Chip Technology Institute and Video Cloud Institute. More than 6,000 R&D engineers and technical staff are working on cutting-edge technologies.
3. Partnership with companies and institutes with leadership position in their respective territory, such as DELL, NVIDIA, Intel and so on.

Reliable Quality
1. Dahua Smart IoT Industrial Park: around $300M investment in high end manufacturing facilities and state of art logistics center.
2. Reliability Lab: comprehensive testing covering all aspects throughout product life cycle, improving product reliability.
3. Design Test Center: comprehensive technical facilities to enable advanced product development and production.
4. Supply Chain Management System: by means of implementing SCOR (Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model), improved business process integration

End-to-end Service
1. Overseas Service Network: Dahua have established 24 service stations globally. Service centers can provide repair, training, on-site support, etc.
2. Dahua RMA System: customers can make RMA reservation and track RMA status online. Customers can enjoy after-sales service more efficiently.
3. Service Technique Support: the Maintenance training is to enhance Dahua distributors’ technical capabilities, enabling them to provide prompt and effective solutions to general problems of their customers.

Your first semester’s results are good: + 31%. Markets are evolving both on the geographical side and on the vertical ones. Which is your vision about the global security and safety market today and in the near future?
The global surveillance market has very robust growth in general, some geographies are growing faster, such as China, India, Brazil, and Mexico. Technology continues to be a driver behind the growth. AI and IoT are enabling more applications not possible before, and thereby expanding the size of market space.

We have strong technical capabilities to stay on top of this technology revolution. We are applying AI and IoT to provide customers with more products and smarter solutions.

Market awareness to cyber security is much higher recently. Good cyber safeness requires good defense in every aspect from product design, installation, operation and maintenance, and is often broken in the weakest link. Therefore, it is important to establish a solid global cyber security ecosystem. Dahua insists on creating safety value, and trying to call attentions to establish a global new network security ecosystem, protecting network security for end users, installers and device manufacturers. A community with good information sharing, technical training and access to expertise will greatly improve our safeness in the cyber space.

Which are the topic issues and which can be the market development and the Dahua’s role in it?
With the rise of potential public safety issues in multiple countries and regions in recent years, we believe that governments’ emphasis on security is souring.

However, the security systems in many countries are established and operated by different entities, resulting in multiple isolated systems providing similar functionalities. For example, the surveillance system in Messe Essen is usually not connected with the surveillance in the main train station Essen and are operated by different entities. In building a smart city, the isolated information island needs to be connected and thus we have introduced what we called I.C.E.S (Intelligence, Computing, Ecosystem, Sensing) principal which is the enabler of smart city implementation. We are currently piloting in designing phases at city level and the results are very promising.

Mr. Shen, what are you responsible for?
I’m in charge of the business development and operation of Dahua Technology in Western Europe, reporting to Mr. Jason Zhao.

What do you think about the Western Europe security market, and which are your plans in order to accelerate the strategic transformation of Dahua Technology’s business?
The Western European market is one of Dahua Technology’s top priorities. We have achieved good growth every year with continuous investment at the same time. At present, we have set up subsidiaries in five countries of Western Europe, which are The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

As a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, Dahua Technology has been achieving better and better results these years. In 2017, Dahua Technology made it into the top 3. We provide end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of customers in diverse application scenarios, creating value for smart city operations, vertical industries, and enterprise management as well as individual consumers. However, due to lack of communication, many people still think of Dahua Technology as a video surveillance manufacturer that offers cost-effective cameras.

We hope that by enhancing our efforts in both sales and marketing, we can change this circumstances soon enough, and apply Dahua Technology's end-to-end solutions to more and more industries and places in Western Europe, enabling a safer society and smarter living.

Partners are important in Dahua. What are you going to do to strengthen support for them?
Dahua Technology always practices a long-term and win-win development strategy with its partners.

In addition to providing more support to partners in terms of marketing activities, training, technology and services, Dahua Technology will conduct in-depth analysis based on the characteristics of each partner, providing more suitable solutions to partners so as to establish strong connections.

Security Essen will be held in the coming days. Can you anticipate some news?
Yes. Aside from a glamorous showcase of its highlighted technologies, products and solutions, including advanced technologies such as AI, HDCVI 4.0, Video Cloud, Smart H.265+ encoding and ePOE & EoC, key products of AI, HDCVI and smart building product lines, as well as AI-powered solutions like smart retail 2.0, smart logistics, smart city and smart residential.

Besides, Dahua Technology will launch a new program during this year’s Security Essen. Please pay attention to all Dahua news pre, during and after the show.

Which are your sentiments about the future of the Western Europe security market and about the role Dahua can have in it?
As the society develops, people’s demands for safety and intelligence is increasing. Dahua Technology has been committed to solve the problems that the society is facing, with a mission of “Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living”.

We believe that Dahua Technology’s solutions will be much more widely used and gain greater importance in the security market of Western Europe in the future. We are very confident that Dahua Technology will be one of the brands that first comes to mind when people in Western Europe mention the security industry.

by Monica Bertolo,
Editor in Chief for S News

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