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Euralarm Annual Report 2019-2020. Central theme: a secure and safe society

Euralarm Annual Report 2019-2020. Central theme: a secure and safe society

Euralarm has released its Annual Report 2019-2020, that coincides with its 50th anniversary. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis the report is released after an Extraordinary General Assembly which took place online. This makes the presentation sober but the expectations and challenges for the future are no less positive with an association that is still growing and ready for moving forwards into the future. 

The annual report covers the period running between the General Assemblies of the association. The report follows the structure of Euralarm, every section and committee of the association summarising their activities over the previous year and, where appropriate, providing forecasts and plans for the future.

Whereas 2020 threatens to be the year of stagnation due to the COVID-19 crisis, 2019 was a year of major changes. At European level, a new European Parliament was elected, and a new European Commission was appointed by the end of 2019. Within Euralarm, the strategic objectives of Euralarm were translated into a concrete marketing plan. Also in 2019 a catastrophic fire in Notre Dame proved that fire safety cannot be taken for granted.

The pandemic the world is suffering from underlines the importance of a government that can ensure a secure and safe society. That secure and safe society is precisely what runs through the annual report as a central theme. For 50 years Euralarm has been proactively contributing to standardisation processes, providing guidance in the digitalisation of our industry, raising the standards for training and qualifications to address society’s needs for safety and security and partnering with research institutes to turn emerging technologies into sustainable solutions based on knowledge and innovation.

“Against this background it is important for Euralarm to create and maintain wide acknowledgement among European politicians and policy makers and to keep these and other relevant stakeholders involved in our industry. It will ensure – they underline from Euralarm – that our voice is heard in Brussels and other cities across Europe.The continuous growth, in line with the trend of the previous years, is as a sign of trust in Euralarm, its organisation, vision and strategy, which are all detailed in the report.The new report can be downloaded from the Euralarm website”.

 by the Editorial Staff

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