Euralarm Leadership in standardisation

Euralarm: providing leadership in standardisation

Why is it important for Euralarm to provide leadership in standardisation? Advancements in technology and industry practices as well as changes in regulatory agendas and directives make it necessary to...
Peter Mita new President Euralarm

Peter Mita, Honeywell Fire, new Euralarm President

Peter Mita is the new President of Euralarm: during the 2024 General Assembly of Euralarm in Prague, the members have chosen him and now he succeeds Jon Könz who was President...
Euralarm Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) Fire Safety and Security challenges

EPBD creates fire safety and security challenges too

Recently the European Parliament plenary voted in favour of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). This is a major step towards decarbonisation of the building stock. However, the new...
Carlos Perez Technical Manager Euralarm

Carlos Perez: new Technical Manager Euralarm for Fire and Extinguishing

Carlos Perez is the new Technical Manager for the Fire and Extinguishing sections in Euralarm and succeeds Michael Scharnowsky who is retiring. Well-known within Euralarm, in recent years Perez was member...
Euralarm EU Batteries Regulation

Euralarm and the EU Batteries Regulation

Euralarm urges the EU Commission to extend the Article 11(3) exemption of the Batteries Regulation to include smoke alarm devices, carbon monoxide alarms, and gas alarms. These products should meet...
Detectortesters new member Euralarm

Detectortesters new member of Euralarm

Detectortesters became member of the Euralarm Fire Section and Services Section. Detectortesters are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of functional test solutions for fire detection systems. With over 50...
Euralarm Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) Fire Safety and Security challenges

Euralarm: EPBD and Fire Safety of Buildings

Euralarm welcomes the European Parliament’s plenary vote in favour of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD): a major step towards decarbonisation of the building stock. Better performing buildings also means...
Euralarm Video Fire Detection

Euralarm new Task Force Video Fire Detection

After identifying video as an expanding technology for the fire business, the Euralarm Fire Section started a new Task Force that will focus on video fire detection.  The scope is to...
Euralrm White paper domestic life Safety

Euralarm White Paper on Domestic life safety

The new Euralarm white paper Enhancing Domestic Life Safety aims to explore various strategies and technologies that can be implemented to enhance domestic life safety. By identifying potential risks and proposing...
Gerd Hülsen Euralarm Extinguishing Section

Gerd Hülsen: New Vice-Chair Euralarm Extinguishing Section

Euralarm Extinguishing Section delegates have elected Gerd Hülsen as new Vice-Chair of the section. He follows in the footsteps of Torbjørn Laursen. “I’d like to thank Torbjørn – Alan Elder...
Euralarm Manifesto fire safe

Euralarm: Manifesto Keeping EU citizens fire safe in all buildings

Euralarm is one of the co-signers of the Manifesto Keeping EU citizens fire safe in all building. Together with Euralarm the Manifesto was undersigned by ANEC, BSEF, CoGDEM, Concrete Europe...
Maintenance Fire Extinguishing Systems

Maintenance of condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems

Euralarm has published a guidance document that focuses on the maintenance of condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems/equipment controlled by electronic detection systems. This document is available in the English, French...
EFSG application form

EFSG common application form reduces time-to-market for fire detection products

EFSG, an association of European certification bodies operating in the fire and security sectors, and Euralarm’s Task Force EFSG have been working closely together on a common application form for...
Euralarm Environment Sustainability

Euralarm: Task Group Environment & Sustainability

Euralarm started a new Task Group focusing on environmental and sustainability issues. The kick-off meeting of the new Task Group took place on August 23rd. Why did Euralarm start a...
Euralarm FSSA

Euralarm & US FSSA sign Memorandum of Cooperation

Euralarm and the US Fire Suppression System Association (FSSA) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The reciprocal cooperation will focus on education, research, service, and other related activities in the domain...
Euralarm Guidance Approved Fill Stations

New Euralarm document: Guidance on Approved fill stations

Euralarm Extinguishing Sectionhas released another new guidance document, the ‘Guidance on Approved fill stations’ that outlines the main important subjects detailing how to ensure filling stations can perform as expected...
Euralarm RED DA

Euralarm: postponement of the applicability date of the RED DA

Euralarm has released a statement on postponement of the applicability date of the RED DA. Why Euralarm wants to postpone it and What is the RED DA? The European Commission...
Euralarm Securing the Future Webinar Cybersecurity Strategies for Physical Security

Securing the Future: Cybersecurity Strategies for Physical Security

A multi-association virtual panel discussion on cybersecurity strategies for physical security and the importance of a holistic approach to cybersecurity will be heldon April 5th, starting at 16.00 hours CET...
Euralarm Fire Safety and Energy Performance

Fire Safety of Buildings and Energy Performance

The position adopted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) on the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) after long and difficult negotiations...
Euralarm Position Paper on Cyber Resilience Act

Euralarm: Position Paper on Cyber Resilience Act

Euralarm released a Position Paper on the Cyber Resilience Act. “The position paper – they say from Euralarm – provides the Association’s view on the elements of the proposed Cyber...

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