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Gerd Hülsen: New Vice-Chair Euralarm Extinguishing Section

Gerd Hülsen Euralarm Extinguishing Section

Euralarm Extinguishing Section delegates have elected Gerd Hülsen as new Vice-Chair of the section. He follows in the footsteps of Torbjørn Laursen.

“I’d like to thank Torbjørn – Alan Elder, Chair of the Extinguishing Section states – for his efforts as the previous Vice-Chair. I am sure that Gerd will be given the support that our delegates have always given Torbjørn and me, to help us to move the Extinguishing Section to the next level”.

Fire safety and the protection of life and assets – Gerd points out – are topics that are central to the work of our section. Protection methods continually improve and regulations are constantly changing amplifying the need for monitoring and guidance to affected stakeholders. It requires international cooperation bringing the best in our field together to contribute not only to safety but also to the future of the European industry. That is exactly what Euralarm has to offer. I am proud to be part of that team”.

Gerd Hülsen represents the Euralarm member Siemens.

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