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Euralarm’s Annual Report 2017-2018

Euralarm’s Annual Report 2017-2018

The publication of Euralarm’s Annual Report 2017-2018 coincides with the end of the Euralarm Board’s three-year mandate and therefore, beyond the usual account of the past year’s activities, it also offers a review of the work achieved during that three-year period, particularly in terms of invigorating the Euralarm community.

One of the highlights of the past year was the opening of the new Extinguishing Section of Euralarm and the de facto expansion of the representation of Euralarm to the whole field of active fire protection. Organised as an umbrella association, Euralarm already comprises an electronic fire alarm Section, as well as a Section for electronic security and another for services related to both fire safety and security.

The report follows the structure of Euralarm, with every Section and Technical Committee of the association summarising their activities over the previous year and, where appropriate, providing forecasts and plans for the future.

A running theme of the report is Euralarm’s work on building strategic alliances: the reader can find short interviews with stakeholders, Industry leaders and other prominent partners in the fire safety and security business throughout the Annual Report. A major development in that area was a new cooperation agreement with CEN, the European standardisation platform.

Over the 2017-2018 period covered by the report, running between the General Assemblies of the association usually taking place in May or June, Euralarm can also testify of an ongoing growth in membership with Teletek as a new Member in the Fire Section hailing from Bulgaria, and the very dynamic German association BHE extending its membership from the Services also to the Fire and Security Sections.

This continuous growth, in line with the trend of the previous years, is as a sign of trust in Euralarm, its organisation, vision and strategy, which are all detailed in the report. In a concluding section of the document, Euralarm outgoing President Enzo Peduzzi looks back at the three years of his mandate and how the association was set on course to a successful future development.

To download the Euralarm Annual Report on the Euralarm website,

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