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PASO: Exclusive Distributor Honeywell Morley for the Italian market

Paso Honeywell Morley Italian market

From EVAC to FIRE, PASO becomes the Exclusive Distributor of Honeywell Morley for the Italian market. S News interviews Antonio Faccioni, CEO of PASO SpA.

Mr. Faccioni, important news in Paso!

Paso has now entered the world of security with EVAC systems and EN54 certifications. Sound evacuation systems are directly interfaced with fire detection systems, so it becomes strategic for the company to expand its offerings with the introduction of fire detection products. Paso’s goal is to continue providing functionality and reliability and that is why it has chosen to distribute products from a brand that I consider synonymous with high quality and credibility.

Which are the advantages of Honeywell Morley?

The Morley line of Honeywell has multiple strengths and I am confident that its introduction to the market will allow us to respond to the growing demand for the creation of safe and economical systems. The first advantage is certainly represented by the quality-price ratio: the Morley system is designed to provide reliability at an affordable cost, offering an excellent solution for those who want to secure their building. I would cite as the next point the ease of use: this system is simple to install and use, with a fast programming procedure that allows customization of functions and options according to the user’s specific needs. Finally, I would not overlook technical reliability, which translates into precision and sensitivity. Honeywell is a leading company in the security industry and has a solid reputation for the quality of its products. The Morley system has been designed and tested to ensure optimal long-term operation, as it uses sensors capable of detecting even the smallest amount of smoke in the environment in which they are installed, thus ensuring timely and accurate fire detection. Thanks to the use of advanced algorithms, it ensures minimization of false alarms. The adoption of this technology will allow the market to appreciate the growth of the PASO brand and to associate it not only with high-quality VA/PA products, but also with a Fire line with an excellent quality-price ratio, easy to use, technically valid and capable of meeting regulatory requirements.

Among the news, there is also a new entry dedicated to the new Fire Division, is that right?

Paso has decided to invest in this new Business Unit by also including a person responsible for the development of this specific division in its staff, who, crucially, comes from the fire sector and has a decade of experience in this market.

This year PASO celebrates its 50th anniversary since its foundation. Even in this regard, you are doing big things and with your unique style. Can you give me a sneak peek?

This is undoubtedly an extremely important milestone for the company, and I am happy to think that it is only one stage of many others to come. With regard to the actual celebrations in detail, I can certainly anticipate that they will involve – as is logical – all of our staff, in addition to the Italian and foreign partners who are happy to celebrate together with us. However, if you allow me, I would like to leave some… mystery, if you will, surrounding the event we are organizing!

Well, of course I do! Let’s update shortly!

No doubt and with great pleasure!

PASO Honeywell Morley
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