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PASO: Made in Italy among the dunes

PASO: Made in Italy among the dunes

PASO and its Made in Italy solutions are the protagonists in an important and advanced installation in Saudi Arabia.

In fact, the versatility of Paso broad range of solutions covers different installation technical needs and peculiarities as well as wide projects design sizes from the simple and small area to the large and complex venues and facilities. When it matters complexity and vastness of the buildings, Hospitals are definitely within the classical applications that come into mind.

The Al Mouwsat hospital is located in the heart of Al Madinah Al Munawwarah – the Holy city of Islam faith, world-widely known as the city where the Prophet is buried.

Within this hospital building, a very advanced solution based on the Paso multi-zone system P8136/P8236 architecture has been installed for zoning, announcements and prayers call within the different areas of the building. This Paso multizone system particularly is suitable for large and small installations where reliability, versatility and functionality are a must.

P8136 Paso multizone system master unit is equipped with four inputs for auxiliary sound sources with a selector switch and level control, two-line inputs with automatic priority activation (VOX) and four RJ45 inputs for the PMB112-G call stations. The simplicity with which the various different units and the control bases can be connected to one another even when far away through CAT 5 connections,  makes sound-broadcasting inside complex buildings effective and inexpensive, using both centralized  and/or local control units. Some optional card, such as the ACMG8136 and the ACIO8136 I/O are installed into the P8136 to send pre-recorded messages and/or the incoming audio signal to the various different zones within the facility. The amplification section of the system is carried out by Paso modular PMD500-V booster units (class D, 500 W), directly connected to P8136 Master unit , include diagnostic  boards to test the correct unit operation and the integrity of the speakers line.

Last but not least, more than 600 units of the C49/6-EN and C57/6-EN certified speaker units to ensure the coverage of the various building areas  as well as an excellent reproduction of emergency messages, calls for prayers, service announcements and dedicated background music.

This significant case study is the clear demonstration that Paso, the Italian leading company on the emergency broadcasting, voice evacuation and congress system markets, never stops searching the most performant solutions.

by the Editorial Staff


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