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Ransomware hackers stole over 30 terabytes of sensitive data in 2022

ENISA report on ransomware, Atlas VPN

Ransomware attacks are still one of the main cybersecurity issues: the Threat Landscape for Ransomware Attacks of July 2022 by ENISA reports that, since the beginning of the year, hackers carried out 320 attacks and stole 34 terabytes (TB) of sensitive data. Atlas VPN analyses the informations in depth.

Ransomware attacks month by month

  • January 2022: Ransomware cybercriminals stole 5 TB of personal data in 25 attacks; one of the attacks targeted a county in New Mexico, paralyzing several county departments and government offices and knocking security cameras and automatic doors.
  • February 2022: Hackers carried out 54 attacks and stole a total of 7 TB of data. A semiconductor chip company suffered a major attack: cybercriminals from the group Lapsus$ claimed they stole 1 TB in exfiltrated company data and demanded a $1 million ransom.
  • March 2022: With 92 attacks and 16 TB of personal data stolen, March has been the most critical month. An automotive parts manufacturer experienced a ransomware attack against their corporate network by the Pandora ransomware gang, which obtained 1.4 TB of files.
  • April 2022: hackers locked 3 TB of data in 113 attacks, the most since the beginning of the year.
  • May 2022: 3 more TB of data were stolen in 32 attacks.

“While some hackers might have taken a summer break, the ransomware threat continues to loom” they say from Atlas VPN. Throughout the first half of 2022, businesses suffered 320 ransomware incidents. The attacks continued increasing at the start of the year until they significantly declined in May and June.

In reality, the total number of ransomware attacks could be even more significant. “Many companies lack transparency when it comes to reporting ransomware incidents – the Atlas VPN team continues –. They are afraid it will ruin their image, and customers will lose trust in the brand”.

“Ransomware has become more efficient and devastating in its attacks – is their final remark. – Businesses should be prepared for their most confidential information to be taken and potentially exposed or sold on the internet. To mitigate the impact of ransomware attacks, companies must build resilience and report the cases to competent authorities”.

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