Cyberattacks against governments

Cyberattacks against governments on the rise in 2023

In the first half of 2023 there were 49 significant cyberattacks against government agencies: this means a rise of 11% from the same time last year, according to the data...
Businesses GDPR fines

Businesses had to pay €1.5 billion in GDPR fines in H1 2023

Businesses had to pay over €1.5 billion in GDPR fines through the first half of 2023, according to the data analyzed by the Atlas VPN team. On May 25th, GDPR...
Atlas VPN 42% Executives affected cyberattack

42% of Executives affected by cyberattack in the last 2 years

A recently released and first-of-its-kind survey reveals that “42% of executives or their family members experienced a cyberattack, the consequences of which were as severe as a data breach of...
Atlas VPN Meta user data requests

Meta received over 800k user data requests from governments in 2022

In 2022, Meta received 476,802 user data requests from governments worldwide, according to recent findings by Atlas VPN. “A total of 827,927 user data records were requested by governments, marking...
Data breaches keep confidential

Data breaches: 42% of IT leaders told to keep them confidential

42% of IT leaders have been told to keep data breachs confidential, according to the data presented by the Atlas VPN team.  Furthermore, more than half of businesses admitted to experiencing...
AtlasVPN ChatGPT

400% increase in VPN downloads in Italy after ChatGPT block

“OpenAI, the developer of the popular generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, has begun geoblocking access to its service in Italy. This decision comes after the local data protection authority ordered OpenAI...
Euralarm RED DA

Euralarm: postponement of the applicability date of the RED DA

Euralarm has released a statement on postponement of the applicability date of the RED DA. Why Euralarm wants to postpone it and What is the RED DA? The European Commission...
Euralarm Fire Safety and Energy Performance

Fire Safety of Buildings and Energy Performance

The position adopted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) on the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) after long and difficult negotiations...
Cybersecurity how to avoid Christmas-themed scams

Cybersecurity: how to avoid Christmas-themed scams?

Christmas-themed spam has increased since November 27th, with Ireland being the most targeted country, while the majority of fraudulent emails were sent from USA, as highlighted by Bitdefender Antispam Lab...
Cybersecurity predictions 2023

Cybersecurity predictions for 2023

Which are the cybersecurity predictions for 2023?After a sharp increase of cyberattacks in 2022, in 2023 an evolution in the targets of cybercriminals, deepfake technology, and the role of Governments...
WiFi networks US internet users do not use passwords

WiFi networks: 89% of US internet users do not use passwords

In the USA, only 3% of internet users use a password to protect their WiFi network, 7% are not sure whether they have one, and 89% do not use any...
Euralarm and CENELEC TC 79 on cybersecurity in alarm systems

Cybersecurity of connected alarm systems. Euralarm & CENELEC TC 79

Cybersecurity of connected alarm systems is one of today’s challenges. Alarm systems are essential for the economic success of almost all sectors of European markets. Rapid technological developments and policy developments...
ENISA report on ransomware, Atlas VPN

Ransomware hackers stole over 30 terabytes of sensitive data in 2022

Ransomware attacks are still one of the main cybersecurity issues: the Threat Landscape for Ransomware Attacks of July 2022 by ENISA reports that, since the beginning of the year, hackers...
Phishing statistics 2022 Atlas VPN

Phishing statistics 2022: Top 5!

Among all the tactics used by cybercriminals, phishing, in other words fraudolent messages, usually emails, aimed at obtaining sensitive information by disguising as a trusted person or entity, is one...
Euralarm Fire Section

Euralarm: CPR proposal fails to address the market needs

Euralarm Fire Section members are disappointed that the European Commission’s CPR proposal fails to address the market needs and does not address the main challenge facing standardisation. Nevertheless, Euralarm will...

NIST: First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms

NIST, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology, has chosen the first group of encryption tools that are designed to withstand the assault of a future...

GDPR fines: nearly €100 million in H1 2022

GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, is a regulation in the EU that controls how all personal data on EU citizens is collected and processed. The legislation covers various privacy...

Email scammers: almost 70% have the ‘Subject’ line empty

67% of scammers leave the ‘Subject’ line empty in malicious emails, according to the data presented by the Atlas VPN team. Other ‘Subject’ lines are not nearly as used as...

Ransomware: 70% of organizations suffered 2 or more attacks last year

Ransomware is nowadays a popular means for cybercriminals to cash in on their activities. “They use ransomware to encrypt companies’ essential data and ask to pay a ransom in return. If...

SECON 2022: Analysis of 2022 purchase demand for Public Video Surveillance

SECON & eGISEC 2022, International Security Exhibition & Conference, Member of the Global  Ifsec  Group, will be held from the 20th till the 22nd April at Hall 3 – 5...

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