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Wisenet7 Chipset: a new world of CyberSecurity

Wisenet7 Chipset: a new world of CyberSecurity

Wisenet7, Hanwha Techwin's most powerful chipset yet, sets a new standard for IP network video surveillance solutions.

Wisenet7 offers industry-leading cyber security functionality, as well as delivering clear, sharp images in all lighting conditions.

The ground-breaking Wisenet7 chipset boasts an impressive list of technologies which include:

Next-Gen Cyber Security
 Exceptional 4K Resolution
 Extreme WDR
 Advanced Noise Reduction Technology
 Enhanced Lens Distortion Correction
 AI-based Object Tracking
 Vector-based OSD
 Easy-to-Install Modular Design
 DIS with Built-in Gyro Sensor
 Licence-free Onboard Video and Audio Analytics
 Convenient USB Wi-Fi Installation

Exceptional 4K Resolution
Wisenet7 camera devices provide clear and vivid images in resolutions of up to 4K suitable for forensic search applications. Hanwha Techwin self-developed the F1.2 varifocal lens, the brightest among 4K lenses, are implemented to the 4K lineup.

Extreme WDR
The Wisenet7 SoC includes improved extreme WDR technology to reduce noise that occurs within the WDR imaging process. This provides us with clear and well contrasted images even with extreme backlighting conditions.

Easy to install modular design
Wisenet7 cameras use the same innovative modular camera design as the X series PLUS for easy and hassle-free camera installation and maintenance.

by the Editorial Staff

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