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Cias Elettronica S.r.l.

Via G. Durando, 38
20158 - Milano (MI)
Tel.: +39 023767161
Fax: +39 0239311225

CIAS has been operating in the security market since 1974, in the field of research, development and manufacturing of security equipment and perimeter protection systems.

CIAS was founded in a small workshop in Milan, Italy. Over the years, thanks to the constant focus on R&D which revolutionized the outdoor perimeter protection standards, CIAS products gained an international success as a flagship of Made in Italy in the security market for their high quality and outstanding reliability.

CIAS’ technologies

The company is renowned for its microwave technology and 3D MEMS fence detection systems over IP. With a call for technology and innovation, CIAS “is the only manufacturer in the PIDS market – they say from the company – using Fuzzy Logic analysis to make it sensors intelligent, thus offering specialized solution for critical infrastructures which by default need maximum reliability, i.e. high detection performances and the smallest number of false alarms”. These critical infrasrtrucure include nuclear power plants, high-security prisons, military and civil airports, banks, etc.

FUZZY LOGIC ANALYSYS – All CIAS products use digital signal analysis based on our Fuzzy Logic algorithms, which provide comparison with hundreds typical behaviour patterns. Sensors can discriminate between real intrusion and environmental factors, and the number of false alarms is drastically lowered.

MEMS TECHNOLOGY – Thanks to the innovative MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor), all accelerations provoked by any climbing, cutting, or sensor displacement attempts on a fence are translated into alarm signal with extremely precise measurement, stable in different environmental conditions. Detection point given is outstanding.

LINEAR MICROWAVE – The ultimate invention of CIAS labs: instead of the volumetric lobe typical of traditional microwave barrier, the new linear barrier creates microwave rays of 40 cm Ø (only 16 inches wide), thanks to special K-band antennas. Limits of application both of mW and infrared technology are overcome for revolutionary new perimeter protection standards in this barrier unique of its kind.

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